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Momentum Capital Secures $10 Million Investment from BM Fund

San Francisco-based crypto-native fund Momentum Capital has secured an investment of $10 million from Canada’s BM Fund. The funding was obtained in July this year, and it serves as a significant boost to Momentum Capital’s growth plan.

Momentum Capital intends to utilize the investment to expand its team and provide support to early-stage Web3 projects. The fund aims to identify and nurture the next groundbreaking companies in the crypto industry, sometimes referred to as the “Apple” of cryptocurrencies.

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BM Fund founder, Carmen, expresses confidence in Momentum Capital’s abilities, which led to their decision to invest even during bear markets, illustrating the fund’s exceptional expertise and performance. In his own words, “Our decision to invest in Momentum Capital during bear markets underscores their unparalleled proficiency.”

Momentum Capital is now set to focus on Web3 opportunities as the crypto market enters its next stage. The firm remains dedicated to investing in and nurturing web3 projects of intrinsic value. This commitment emphasizes their readiness to embrace the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

“As we navigate the currents of the market in the next six to twelve months, our focus will extend to nurturing global builders, with a keen emphasis on web3 infrastructure, regional web3 opportunities, and web3 applications.”

Momentum Capital operates as the direct investment arm of a single family office. Established in 2002, originally as a mid-market private equity investor, the company has evolved into a diverse investment firm, targeting opportunities in private equity, venture capital, real estate, and financial markets.

Crypto Fundraising Gains Momentum Once Again

Momentum Capital’s recent fundraising success aligns with the renewed interest shown by investors in funding crypto projects. This positive trend signifies a turning point for crypto-focused venture capital funds.

In a similar vein, Ethereum (ETH) infrastructure provider Flashbots recently raised $60 million in its Series B funding round, led by Paradigm, a San Francisco-based technology investment firm. Furthermore, Futureverse, a crypto tech and gaming startup, secured $54 million in Series A funding, with support from venture capital firm 10T Holdings and Ripple Labs, the creator of XRP Ledger.

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Despite the recent downturn in the crypto market, early-stage crypto companies can still secure funding. However, their valuations may have been impacted. Late-stage funding has become increasingly challenging, with only the top-performing companies able to attract support.

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Momentum Capital’s partnership with BM Fund and the utilization of advanced tools like the AI legalese decoder position them well to navigate the evolving landscape of the crypto market and seize profitable opportunities for growth.

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