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The Prosper Acadia program is back with new programming aimed at helping local businesses in Acadia Parish. Megan Duhon, the President and CEO of the Acadia Parish Chamber, recently shared the details of this program on News15 at Noon.

Opportunity for Local Businesses

The program offers local businesses the opportunity to sign up and benefit from a series of informative sessions and resources provided by industry experts.

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Small Business 101 – The Kickoff Session

The program starts with a session called Small Business 101. This session is designed to provide business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed and grow their businesses. In this session, the LEED Center at UL Lafayette and the Small Business Development Center of Lafayette will discuss the resources they offer and provide insights into what it takes to start and maintain a small business.

APCC Members and Non-Members

Membership in the Acadia Parish Chamber of Commerce (APCC) offers several benefits, including access to events and resources like the Prosper Acadia program. For APCC members, participation in the Prosper Acadia program is free of charge. Non-members can also join the program by paying a fee of $10.

About LEED Center

The Louisiana Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Center (LEED Center) plays a crucial role in developing regional innovation clusters and promoting high-growth entrepreneurship. The center provides technical assistance and support to businesses and economic development agencies across Louisiana, including entrepreneurs within communities and underserved minority populations without access to economic development resources. The LEED Center focuses on fostering innovation and commercialization efforts at a regional level.

About SBDC

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UL Lafayette is another resource available to small businesses in the 8-parish Acadiana area. The SBDC offers confidential counseling, group training, and access to various business information resources. It collaborates with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to develop and provide informational tools that support business start-ups and expansion.

Event Details

If you’re interested in participating in the Small Business 101 session, here are the event details:


Thursday, September 14th


MainStreet Patio, 223 N Parkerson Ave.


Breakfast: 8:00am

Programming: 8:30am


The Prosper Acadia program provides an excellent opportunity for local businesses to gain valuable knowledge and resources to thrive in today’s competitive market. With the assistance of AI legalese decoder, participants can ensure a better understanding of legal documents and reduce the risk of legal challenges. Don’t miss this chance to learn and grow your business!

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