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**AI Legalese Decoder: Resolving Issues with a Previous 401k Provider**


I am seeking advice regarding a predicament I find myself in concerning my previous 401k provider, For Us All. I have a small balance of approximately $2,000 held by them, even though I left the company that sponsored the 401k program several years ago. Recently, I decided to rollover the 401k but encountered some unexpected complications.

**The Missing Money**

When I contacted For Us All regarding the rollover, they informed me that my money had been sent to a company called “PenChecks” four months ago. However, when I reached out to PenChecks, they denied ever receiving the funds and suggested that I contact For Us All to resolve the matter.

**Stonewalled by For Us All**

Unfortunately, For Us All has been uncooperative and unhelpful in resolving the situation. They have essentially dismissed my concerns and refused to take any responsibility for the missing funds, leaving me uncertain about the next steps to take.

**Seeking Guidance**

In light of these circumstances, I am desperately seeking advice on how to proceed. I am unsure of what options are available to me in resolving this issue and retrieving the funds rightfully owed to me.

**AI Legalese Decoder: Assisting with the Situation**

In an effort to find a solution, I have taken a proactive step by submitting complaints with both the Attorney General and the Employee Benefits Security Administration/Department of Labor (EBSA/DOL). This ensures that governmental entities are aware of the problem and may intervene if necessary.

**Update and Potential Resolution**

In an unexpected twist, the CEO of For Us All personally reached out to me on my cell phone. They expressed a willingness to address the issue promptly and assured me that a resolution would be reached. However, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical about their explanations, as they seemed to redirect blame elsewhere and claimed that For Us All does not hold the funds themselves. While this communication may offer a glimmer of hope, I remain cautiously optimistic that there may be an end in sight.

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  • lucky_ducker

    Commenters recommending you make a complaint to the CFPB are a little off the mark. Employer plans are regulated by the Employee Benefits Security Administration of the Federal Department of Labor: [](

    EBSA takes this sort of thing very seriously.

  • wickedkittylitter

    How was the money sent to PenChecks? Was a check issued or was an electronic transfer made?

  • superxero044

    When my wife changed jobs, her old 401k manager tried holding money hostage. We just had to keep calling until we talked to someone willing to have us transfer it. They kept telling us it was the wrong move or using everything they could come up with to stop us. It took months and lots of calls but we finally got it. Good luck.

  • immelius

    The magic number to have in your 401k is $5000 or more. There is a federal law that for old 401k’s with balance above $5000, your former employer is required to keep your 401k account in their plan.

    If balance is below $5000, your former employer is allowed to push your account out of their 401k plan, and into somewhere else (what you are experiencing). Someone with more experience, please chime in.

  • antoniosrevenge

    Have you checked the unclaimed money database for your state?

  • NatBjornCoder

    Anything like that sounds like an employee stole the money or the company stole the money. Did they ever send you paperwork closing out the account and showing that the money rolled to another entity?… Could be time to call a lawyer… The State Atty General should probably know more about it. Federal Regulators? I’d start complaining to multiple agencies… Post on FB too…

  • tekumse

    Any chance your former employer switched 401K providers and everybody’s account got moved to PenChecks? Contact your former employer’s HR and talk to them as well.

  • IronicSunshine83

    Can you ask for a copy of the force out paperwork they originally sent you? We keep PDF copies of what we send. It should have the information of where it went. Pencheck may have facilitated the transfer to ForUsAll. So, the issue would still be with ForUsAll.

    You should have gotten log in information and a quarterly statement if it happened for 4 months ago. So you could also ask how to get a duplicate copy of that and go from there.

  • Human_Ad_7045

    You did exactly what I would have suggested;

    This may take a little time but I’m confident you will prevail.

  • Ken808

    My company is a TPA for retirement plans. We send money to Penchecks every day for our clients. They’re legit. It looks like your company never sent the funds over.

  • cestlaguere

    Update: ForUsAll CEO called me on my cell to talk through the details and promise it gets resolved quickly.

  • ImmiSnow

    Uh oh, my previous employer used For Us All… guess I’ll be keeping my eye on this thread!!

  • chrissamperi

    Your balance was under $5000 which is the de minimis threshold for mandatory cash out. So you can’t roll it over. But they do have fiduciary responsibility to solve it for you. Believe it or not.c you may want to try in writing. For Us All is obligated to respond.

  • StillLJ

    Do you have any of your old statements? Electronic login to your account? There has to be some history and traceability here…

  • MarsRocks97

    File a claim in small claims court. It’ll probably costs you $50 filing charge but they still have to address it same as a larger lawsuit. You have to pay to have them served but also request all supporting documents. If they ignore it’s an automatic default.

  • smbutler20

    Assuming your employer is still in business, they have a responsibility to investigate this. Contact them for the details of the withdrawal. Get date, amount, where and how it was sent.

  • Default87

    They should be able to provide more information about the transfer (account numbers, specific date, specific amount transferred, etc) that you can then take to the new place and hopefully be better able to locate where the money is.

    The money is somewhere, so you need to figure out where that is. Very specific information like this will help facilitate that. its possible that there was some sort of transcription error (typo in your name, in your SS number, etc) that is making it harder for them to locate you based on the information you provided.

  • StevenVsGoliath

    I’d try to find out when it was transferred, it took my rollover around a week or two to end up in my new account, maybe it’s left the old 401k but hasn’t arrived in the penchecks account?

  • Smokey_Katt

    CFPB complaint might get them moving.

  • ekkidee

    Is there any way you can get your former employer and the plan administrator involved?

  • MusicalWalrus

    if they’re stonewalling you it’s time for a CFPB complaint

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  • wwwhistler

    have dealt with them before. had the same exact problem….they will never send you the money….if they suspect you are trying to GET the money they will step up the fees and charges so by the time you force them to pay….there is nothing left.

    best to just write off that money, you will never see it from them.

  • FormalChicken


    How old is “several years”? 401ks hold in limbo for 5 years after you leave a company usually. For example if you have 3k unvested, it will remain for 5 years. If you go back to the company within 5 years, your prior time counts toward vesting. So they usually wait 5 years before taking away unvested funds. There might be something related to that, maybe.

  • Arbiter51x

    Why did you take so long to roll over the 401k? You would have had an obligation to transfer the money within a period (usually less than 90 days) once your employment ends.

    It’s possible that the entirety of that money has been eaten away by annual fees if it t’s been as long as you say.

  • Hungry_Chemical_8677

    Check your plan provisions – may be a force out under $xx to an IRA

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