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## Tennessee Governor Signs ELVIS Act into Law

(NASHVILLE) On Thursday (3/21/2024), Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed the groundbreaking Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) Act into law, in the presence of legislative leadership and music industry professionals. This first-of-its-kind legislation aims to update TennesseeÔÇÖs Protection of Personal Rights law, specifically to include protections for songwriters, performers, and music industry professionals against the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI).

The music industry in Tennessee is a significant contributor to the state’s economy, supporting over 61,617 jobs, contributing $5.8 billion to the GDP, and hosting numerous music venues across the state. Governor Lee highlighted the importance of protecting the artistic heritage of Tennessee amidst the evolving tech landscape that includes AI.

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While Tennessee had laws in place to protect against the unauthorized use of someoneÔÇÖs likeness, the ELVIS Act extends this protection to include “voice.” This essential update addresses the new challenges posed by personalized generative AI cloning models that enable human impersonation, posing a threat to the integrity and identity of artists and musicians.

### Key Supporters of the ELVIS Act

Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson emphasized Tennessee’s leadership in enacting this pioneering law to protect musicians from AI-generated synthetic media. House Majority Leader William Lamberth echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of maintaining public trust and protecting the future livelihood of the music industry.

Industry groups and associations have rallied behind the ELVIS Act, recognizing the need to safeguard the artistic expression and creativity of Tennessee’s innovators and creators. The Recording Industry of America (RIAA) Chairman & CEO, Mitch Glazier, commended the bipartisan efforts to combat unconsented AI deepfakes and voice clones.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of the music community, legislative leaders, and industry associations have resulted in a significant win for protecting the rights and humanity of Tennessee’s musicians. The ELVIS Act sets a precedent for other states and the US Congress to swiftly address the challenges posed by AI technology and ensure the continued prosperity of the music industry.

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