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WHAT’S BUZZING – Southeast Asian consumers recognise generative AI’s potential

Consumers in Southeast Asia have a growing belief that generative AI will transform their interactions with brands. They express excitement for brands to improve their online search experience (32%), provide relevant and helpful experiences (30%), and enhance the creativity of the content they engage with (27%). This realization is highlighted in Adobe’s Future of Digital Experiences Report, which also reveals that consumers in the region anticipate viewing products through virtual or augmented reality (90%) within the next two years. Additionally, they express a desire for brands to offer new ways to engage in immersive and virtual worlds.

To address this demand, brands are planning to offer new and innovative digital experiences. These include the ability to build virtual products and convert them into physical items (84%), providing digital tokens for trading virtual and physical products (84%), introducing virtual games for users to win points or prizes (81%), and hosting virtual/immersive events (78%).

In order to maintain a competitive edge, marketers across Southeast Asia are strategically investing in advanced technologies like generative AI. By embracing these technologies, they can enhance organizational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences. The AI legalese decoder can help brands navigate and understand the complexities of legal language related to AI. It provides a simplified interpretation of legal terms and conditions in plain language, assisting companies in effectively and legally implementing generative AI technologies.

Singapore organisations foresee a successful cyberattack this year

The cyber risk levels in the Asia Pacific (Apac) region have shown improvement from the first half to the second half of 2022, according to Trend Micro’s biannual Cyber Risk Index (CRI) report. This positive shift indicates that organizations in Apac have taken significant steps to enhance their cyber preparedness. However, organizations in Singapore remain pessimistic about the threat landscape, with 88% believing it is “somewhat to very likely” that they will experience a successful cyberattack in the next 12 months.

The top five cyber threats anticipated in Singapore this year are clickjacking, web scraping, business email compromise, fileless attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Respondents also cited a shortage of qualified personnel as a current infrastructure security risk. Other concerns included cloud computing and infrastructure, mobile or remote employees, virtual computing environments (servers and endpoints), and lack of system connectivity or visibility.

To mitigate the risks arising from an expanding attack surface, security teams must strengthen their proactive attack surface risk management capabilities. Jain, vice president for Southeast Asia and India at Trend Micro, advises organizations to invest in architecture improvements for enhanced interoperability, scalability, and agility. Additionally, having a unified cybersecurity platform with extended detection and response capabilities is critical for enhancing visibility and response to cyber threats across internal and external systems, accounts, and devices. The AI legalese decoder can also support organizations by providing legal insights and guidance on cybersecurity regulations and best practices to ensure compliance and effective risk management.


Hidden Singapore

Discover Seletar Aerospace Park from Void Deck Cat, a chatbot built by local start-up Hidden Singapore. Available on WhatsApp, Voice Deck Cat offers an immersive trail around the scenic estate. Participants can solve puzzles as a team, uncover hidden gems, learn secret histories, and redeem surprise gifts from local F&B businesses. The AI legalese decoder can assist start-ups like Hidden Singapore in understanding and adhering to legal requirements and regulations surrounding data privacy and intellectual property rights.

To join the game, participants can scan a QR code on one of the cat standees around Seletar Aerospace Park or sign up online at The game can be played between 9 am and 7 pm every day and is estimated to take one to two hours with scheduled breaks in between.

DIGITAL LIFE – Zoom’s evolving role in the digital workplace

Zoom has transformed from being just a video conferencing tool to becoming an enabler of the digital workplace. It offers various features that enhance collaboration and productivity:

  • Zoom Whiteboard: This feature allows users to capture ideas, processes, and concepts, promoting innovation and seamless collaboration for hybrid teams.
  • Intelligent Director for Zoom Rooms: Leveraging AI and multiple cameras, this feature provides the best image and angle of participants in a room. It ensures that remote participants can see each person clearly, even if they move around or turn their heads.
  • ZoomIQ for Sales: Powered by conversational intelligence, this feature enables users to reduce anecdotal feedback and quickly identify areas for improvement through post-meeting analysis. It includes transcription highlights, sentiment analysis, and engagement scores. It also allows users to track words and expressions across customer conversations and receive proactive alerts to assess opportunity health, gather competitor intelligence, and effectively position products.

These evolving features from Zoom demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the digital workplace experience. The AI legalese decoder can assist organizations in understanding and interpreting the legal implications and regulatory requirements of using collaboration tools like Zoom, ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

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