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Twitter Rebrands TweetDeck to XPro

The rebranding exercise of the social media service continues as Elon Musk’s company, formerly known as Twitter, has now renamed TweetDeck to XPro. This move comes as part of an ongoing transformation of the platform, and it follows the rebranding of Twitter itself to X.

The company has also adopted the @Pro handle instead of @TweetDeck for the tool. Despite the renaming, some parts of the tool still retain mentions of “Twitter” and “TweetDeck”.

Tweetdeck, now XPro, allows you to control multiple Twitter accounts through a single portal – Image by Freepik

TweetDeck, the dashboard application for managing multiple Twitter accounts, has been an essential tool for many users. It has enabled users to efficiently manage their tweets, schedule content, and gain more control over their social media presence.

However, with the recent rebranding, TweetDeck will cease to exist as a free service. It will now be exclusively available to Blue subscribers and will be behind a paywall.

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Change had actually said it was coming

Elon Musk had hinted about this change previously, and he mentioned that XPro would introduce a wide range of “psy op plugins”, although no further details were provided on what these plugins entail.

The rebranding process of Twitter is going rough

Elon Musk’s company has faced some challenges during the rebranding process. The company acquired the @X handle from the previous owner without any compensation or prior notice. Additionally, Apple granted an exception for the use of a single-character app name, “X,” on the App Store, which is typically prohibited.

Moreover, the company faced complaints from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection regarding the flashing ‘X’ sign displayed on its office building, which had to be removed.

While it is obvious that all this change is linked to the start of Elon Musk’s plans to transition to X, the everything app, many users on social media are expressing their discomfort with Twitter’s rebranding process.

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