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JPMorgan Chase Boosts Investment Banking Revenue Outlook

By Nupur Anand

NEW YORK (Reuters) – JPMorgan Chase Boosts Investment Banking Revenue Forecast

JPMorgan Chase has raised its outlook for investment banking revenue in the second quarter, expecting a surge of 25% to 30%, driven by strong performance in capital markets, according to a top executive on Wednesday.

A More Bullish Forecast

This new forecast is more optimistic than the bank’s previous prediction in May, which had projected a mid-teens percentage increase in investment banking revenue for the second quarter.

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Troy Rohrbaugh’s Positive Remarks

Troy Rohrbaugh, co-CEO of JPMorgan’s commercial and investment bank, mentioned that the capital markets remain strong and overall franchise has shown improvement, contributing to the enhanced revenue forecast.

Improved Trading Revenue

The bank also anticipates a slight improvement in trading revenue, surpassing its earlier estimate of a mid-single digit percentage gain.

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Succession Planning at JPMorgan

JPMorgan’s board is considering potential candidates to succeed CEO Jamie Dimon, with Troy Rohrbaugh mentioned as one of the contenders.

Enhancing Leadership Changes

Rohrbaugh highlighted recent leadership changes within JPMorgan’s Wall Street division, including his own promotion to co-run the division alongside Jennifer Piepszak.

Collaborative Leadership Approach

Rohrbaugh emphasized a collaborative leadership approach with Piepszak, where they leverage their respective expertise in markets and investment banking while jointly managing payments.

Federal Reserve Interest Rate Expectations

Rohrbaugh, with experience in currency options trading, predicts that the Federal Reserve may delay interest rate cuts beyond market expectations, following the Fed’s decision to keep rates unchanged earlier in the week.

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