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The Rise of Girl Gone Crypto: A Unique Approach to Twitter and Crypto Content

In the world of crypto, where news is constantly breaking and being shared by numerous accounts, Lea Thompson, known as Girl Gone Crypto, is taking a different approach. With her 225,000 Twitter followers, she refuses to bore them with the same old “breaking” news tweets that everyone else posts. Instead, Thompson adds her own spin, providing interesting commentary or cracking jokes to give her followers something unique.

Thompson’s unconventional journey to Twitter fame started back in 2017 when she joined the Steemit blogging platform and began posting videos of herself playing ukulele covers. To her surprise, this side hustle earned her invitations to speak at various crypto events around the world. It was during this time that she realized her true calling was not in the corporate world of marketing and sales, but in the world of crypto.

In 2019, Thompson made the bold decision to fully embrace crypto and launched her own crypto channel. Since then, she has been consistently showing up on Twitter, providing short, snappy, funny, and entertaining content. While other influencers may try to jump on the news cycle with their “breaking” tweets, Thompson takes a moment to find an original angle or provide a unique perspective on recent events.

One of the ways Thompson sets herself apart is by following a wide range of notable names in the crypto industry, from Bitcoin enthusiasts like Michael Saylor and Tyler Winklevoss to technical wizards like Ryan Selkis and Ivan on Tech. She enjoys a mix of news updates, in-depth analysis, and lighthearted content from these influencers, as well as the occasional meme to break up the technical jargon.

While many in the crypto community engage in Twitter beefs and drama, Thompson prefers to stay out of it and focus on her own content. She jokes that her Twitter beefs would be a “lean burger,” and she aims to stay on her own path without getting caught up in personal feuds.

As for price predictions, Thompson admits she doesn’t have a crystal ball but occasionally drops subtle tweets that indicate her optimism for Bitcoin’s future. She believes that the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) would be a significant step forward for adoption, allowing more investors to enter the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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