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CDFI Friendly South Bend Workshop for Small Business Owners

CDFI Friendly South Bend is hosting a workshop for small business owners learning how to launch their business. From having many webinar sessions, this is the first time this workshop will be held in person.

South Bend Access to Capital Lunch and Learn is a workshop all about accessing capital and getting loans to start your business.

With 24 businesses already registered for the program, CDFI Friendly Executive Director Sam Centellas hopes to see even more participation. He encourages businesses who are unable to attend to still reach out and sign up for the next program.

The businesses attending this workshop come from a diverse range of industries, including food, clothing, and real estate.

The Importance of Ecosystem Support

Centellas emphasizes the benefits of ecosystem support for small businesses. Networking, learning from each other, and knowing that they are being supported are key factors in helping these businesses grow and be successful.

The program specifically aims to target minority- and women-owned businesses, as they are often overlooked.

The Civil Rights Heritage Center, where the workshop is being held, provides an ideal space that promotes equality and justice in the community.

Centellas believes that helping businesses succeed involves partnering them with the necessary resources and knowledge. Educating the community about what it takes to reach the next step and empowering them with the confidence to do it is crucial.

The Event Details

The event will take place from noon to 2:30 PM at the Civil Rights Heritage Center. To RSVP for the event, visit CDFI’s website.

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