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How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help with the Purchase of Adjacent Property


We are excited to share our recent home purchase adventure and the unexpected opportunity that has arisen. With the help of AI Legalese Decoder, we can explore different options for purchasing the adjacent property and make an informed decision.


We have recently bought our dream house for $400k on a half-acre lot. Even during the purchasing process, we had our eyes on the empty lot next to our house, expressing our desire to someday acquire it. However, to our surprise, the property went up for sale immediately after our closing was completed.

Options for Acquiring the Land

Fortunately, AI Legalese Decoder can assist us in exploring various avenues to seize this opportunity.

1. Hope for No Sale

One option is to hope that the land does not sell. However, this approach is uncertain and may not yield the desired outcome.

2. Lowball Offer with Additional Mortgage

We can consider making a lowball offer on the property by putting some money down and acquiring another mortgage. AI Legalese Decoder can help us navigate the legalities and ensure that our offer aligns with the current market value.

3. Home Equity Loan

Another possibility is taking out a home equity loan on our newly purchased house to finance the purchase of the adjacent land. AI Legalese Decoder can guide us through the loan application process and help us understand the legal implications of using our home’s equity.

4. Refinancing with a Higher Mortgage

Refinancing our current home and acquiring a larger mortgage to purchase both properties is another viable option. AI Legalese Decoder can assist in assessing the financial viability and legal implications of this approach, taking into account the interest rate of 7.2%.

5. Collaboration with the Neighbor

We could also approach the neighbor on the other side of the property and propose a joint investment, splitting the cost 50/50. AI Legalese Decoder can help us navigate the legalities of such an arrangement and outline the best approach to protect our interests.

Advice and Conclusion

Considering the significant financial investment involved, it is crucial to seek advice and explore all possible avenues. AI Legalese Decoder can provide accurate information and help us make an informed decision. Additionally, AI Legalese Decoder can also offer suggestions and ideas that we may have overlooked, ensuring that we approach this unique opportunity with a comprehensive understanding of the legal implications.

Additional Details

It is essential to provide additional details regarding the property to fully evaluate the situation. The adjacent land is a lakefront property situated in a community where houses typically sell for $400,000 to $1.2 million. This information highlights the potential value of acquiring the adjacent property. Although similar lots have sold for $100k to $150k, this lot stands out due to its buildability and scarcity, being one of the last lots in the area.

In conclusion, by utilizing the assistance of AI Legalese Decoder, we can thoroughly analyze and explore our options for purchasing the adjacent property, considering our financial situation and long-term goals. This innovative tool ensures that we approach this opportunity with clarity and understanding, allowing us to make the best decision for our future.

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  • Ditch_Digger_79

    The best time to buy land, especially land next to your house, is when it’s for sale.

  • drtowson

    Avoid shared ownership; there are too many ways that can end badly.

    Ask the agent if the seller would consider holding the mortgage. It’s unlikely, but the seller must know it’s tough to finance a vacant lot, and he might find 7% or so to be worthwhile. Even if it has a 4 or 5 year balloon, that gives you time to organize.

  • Techutante

    All I can tell you is that literally every older person I’ve talked to about the land around their homes, my parents, friends parents etc, they all wish they had bought the land next door because inevitably someone comes in and utterly ruins your experience with crowding, noise, or irritating neighbors. Also land values tend to always increase due* to generalized inflation, aside from short-term dips.

  • GryphonHall

    No one in history has ever said “I regret buying the property next to me.” Oh it’s waterfront and you can afford it? Buy it idiot. (I’m an idiot and didn’t buy a lot next to my waterfront property and now there are “problems”)

  • Ineedanro

    6. You could ask the seller to give you seller financing.

    That is where you buy the land with a mortgage you get from the seller. Seller holds your Note until you pay off the mortgage, then returns your Note to you with a Release letter. Your record the deed, the mortgage, and the release, same as usual.

  • Jujulabee

    If you can afford it, buy it.

    My friends bought the house next door to them to avoid it being knocked down and a larger home built there – they live in that kind of neighborhood.

    They also didn’t want to live through construction for many years.

    If possible see if you can do a “secret” offer because sometimes sellers get greedy when they know it is their neighbor who wants the place and take advantage.

  • doubtingthomas51i

    Questions some one in MA would ask
    1) is it zoned for single family residence.
    2) will the lot “perc” ie pass the septic system test.
    3)what is the rate of property value increase in your area
    And finally I’d look at the impact this purchase will have on your tax returns. It’s easy to imagine that the increase in tax and interest deductions would be helpful.
    Good luck.

  • bluehunger

    I say if you think you can do it, buy that property. It will increase the value of your home more than the price of the lot individually. If you feel you made a mistake, then sell it at a profit. We had 3 houses at different times and owned the adjoining lots. Loved the big yard and it always felt right. Just my personal outlook.

  • DrMantisTeabagging

    If you can use it to expand your current property, do everything you can to BUY IT. Odds are you’ll never get that chance again, and you’ll never regret having more land. Worst case scenario, if you decide you won’t need it, you can sell it.

  • d33dub

    We own the land neighboring ours, like what you are thinking. Our second parcel sounds similar, it increased our water frontage, kept our privacy, and basically gave us a little more than a half an acre.

    If you want to do this and do not have the cash you will most likely need to take out a heloc against your house. You can not take out a mortgage on raw land (that I know of) and if you could get a land loan it would probably be not great terms. Maybe you could get a construction loan for it, but you would have to build and construction loan terms arn’t great and need to end in a year or two, I believe.

    Good luck!

  • beachie11

    if you do buy it, consider petitioning the local government to merge your lot and the vacant lot. It would likely help with your property tax bills and depending on how you finance the purchase might allow for tax deductibility of the interest. Where I live, you are allowed to undo the merger if you decide that you would like to sell it in the future.

  • Stunning_Band2094

    Lot next door to me went up for sale. In town. Didn’t buy. A group home was built next door. Made into two houses. 3 shifts of employees coming and going. 4 cars in, 4 cars out. Some louder than others. Overflow parking on street.

    Wish I had bought lot.

  • ThaneOfCawdorrr

    Buy the lot next to you!!! It’s an incredible opportunity, really worth stretching for. You can end up expanding your house…. or building a new house and renting it out…. or creating a compound and making a mint when you sell the whole thing….

    Also, it sounds like it’s wonderful lakefront property and the value of that is going to go up and up in the next decade or so…..

    At the very least, you have some wonderful control over what happens RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR property!

  • yamaha2000us

    This land was owned by the people who sold you your house.

    The other property will be sold at a premium and will developed in a way to obscure whatever view that sold you on your house.

    Unless you purchase the property the sound of hammers will be ringing through( your ears.

  • bradland

    I would pursue option 5 with option 4 or 3 as a fallback, but I wouldn’t drag my feet. I don’t know what it’s like in your area, but homes in my area with (normally 0.3 to 0.5 acre lots) that have a double-lot (0.6 to 1.0 acre) easily beat market value around them, and they sell in no time. Many of them never even hit the market.

    That extra land offers so much flexibility. You may not want to build on it today, but a detached garage with mother-in-law suite that you can AirBnB, workshop, a pool, a place to park a boat/RV. There are so many uses, and there are so few homes with this kind of feature. I’d work really hard to make this happen.

  • LackingUtility

    (I) offer $100k; and
    (II) simultaneously take up sunbathing in a tiny thong next to the property line, provided you look like most redditors. There’ll be no other buyers.

  • vortec350

    If you can afford it, BUY IT NOW!

  • mylittlestpony

    Make sure to look at property taxes on the land. Some states tax vacant land much higher than improved residential..

  • cccuriousmonkey

    You could ask seller about owner financing. Disclaimer: I am not a real estate expert.

  • cfminneapolis

    I have bought lake lots and looks closely at one or two each year and I have a hard time believing a half acre is worth $200k. It would need to be a top tier lake, which I doubt if you paid $400k for your place. Rough estimate to build a place on it would be about $500k, which no one is going to want to do if the neighboring house was recently
    Sold for $400k. I’m sure it’s stressful, but I wouldn’t respond until they drop to something closer to $100k.


    If you can do it, do it! We bought a home on 1.14 acres and the land behind it (35 acres) sold 2 months before that for just $86k- I so wish the timing had been opposite as we definitely would have bought it! I keep hoping the new owner will be willing to sell a few acres to us…

  • dorsalflip

    My parents say their biggest regret in life was not buying the land adjacent to their 5 acres when it event up for sale. One owner tried to put a subdivision of cheap houses there and luckily failed, then a couple of years ago, the subdivision guy’s son came in and completely cleared all the woodland out, leaving my parents with ragged trees and brush to look at.

  • sfomonkey

    So if they’re trying to sell a comparable lot, is it really comparably priced? And PSA: your realtor doesn’t really care if it’s priced fairly, they want another commission, on your back!

    How much is your land worth, not including your house? How much would it cost to build a house in your area? Get a rough per square foot price x your house total square foot = land value.

    I live in a very HCOL area, and I couldn’t dream of buying next door, or even 1/2 acre. I’d try to buy if I could, but $200k, when you’ve just spent $400k for same land with a livable house seems way too high to me.

    Go to the county assessor or recorder office and check zoning. You can also check their tax bill, and see their purchase price. The more info you have, the better decision you’ll be able to make.

  • ace425

    If you don’t buy it now, you’ll never own it. Will you regret that in the future? Or would you not really care?

  • SpecialpOps

    You need to buy this now.

    I have some friends who bought one of 2 housed on a small road leading to a vineyard. The chunk of land next to them was up for sale and they bought it immediately, even though it set them back significantly.

    Their reasons were sound. 1) no one could build something they’d hate next door. 2) the resale value would be *huge.*

    They were not wrong.

  • Psychological_Way626

    Don’t hope that it does not sell. I live in a resort area where typical lots are around 1/3 acre. My next door neighbor on one side had two lots. Getting older made him realize that he did not want two lots. He asked me if I would buy 1/2 lot on my side and he would keep the other. We each ended up with a full 1/2 acre lot and oodles of privacy. I was single so I made 12 monthly payments for it. I have never regretted it.

  • iwanttogohome24

    This happened in my cousins neighborhood, her neighbors sold their house and side land separately, it was such a small plot, probably 1/4 acre. It took 2 months for them to squish in a house next door. There will 100% be a house going up on that land next to you.

    If you think your quality of life or enjoyment of your home and property would diminish if a house was built next door, I would find a way to buy it.

  • LonleyBoy

    Are you sure you can buy the lot and not build on it? Around here in developed subdivisions, you have 12 months to start construction. Leaving it empty is not an option.

  • nychv

    The lot next to our forget house went for sale for a high price. We didn’t buy it. A developer did, took down all the trees and we lost our privacy. We ended up moving partially bc we no longer enjoyed our back yard. Offer 175 but don’t let it go

  • joebleaux

    I’d figure out a way to make it happen. That’s the dream

  • Hellothere2515

    I bought a piece of land and what I did was work out a deal with the owner for owner financing because it’s super hard to get any type of loan for undeveloped land. I gave the owner a down payment up front, we determined an interest rate and terms together and we had a real estate lawyer draw up the contract. Once final payment was made, we got the deed transferred to our name. It was pretty painless.

  • sammppler

    Also, if you don’t buy it, someone else will and they will for sure build a house in it.

  • Googoots

    I bought a house on 2.1 acres and the lot next to mine, about 3 acres, was owned by builder who was going to build a house on it.

    I considered buying it from him, but I figured it’s 3 acres, the house built will be away from mine, and it’s a nice area, we should get nice neighbors.

    Well the way the lot was laid out and where they had to put the well and septic shifted the house to near my property line, and the person who bought the house they built turned out to be a real a-hole…

    Still kicking myself for not buying it, thought it would have been a little costly.

  • lognlan

    Your situation is nearly identical to mine. We ended up doing an owner financed deal on a ten year note managed by a third party. We ended up paying on that note for nearly 5 years and then did a cash out refinance on our home and paid it off.

  • MaggieNFredders

    As someone who lives on a lake who had a vacant lot next to us and then it was sold (never on the market) do everything you can to purchase it. We would have purchased the property in a heartbeat had we known the sellers were looking to sell. But yeah. Do everything to purchase it.

  • InteriorAttack

    You aren’t getting a mortgage on a vacant lot of land. What purpose is this 200k piece of land going to serve?

  • Itisd

    If you want to ever own that land, find a way to make it happen now

  • underdog1964

    I missed out on a similar opportunity. I so very much wish I would have bought the land next door. Don’t hesitate. Get it while you can.

  • lakefunOKC

    Low ball offer, just see if you can get it cheap? You never know. Prices are still inflated, so don’t overpay.

  • MaxFury80

    You won’t regret buying it. My parents lake house had an empty lot for years and never snagged it. The house could have had an EPIC lake front fantasy land in the suburbs! Instead some crazy person built a house and cut old trees etc.

  • DaPopeLP

    op buy it immediately. Don’t even think of waiting! The extra land will raise your property value, and guarantee your view won’t be messed with. The lot beside me sold recently, the buyer has stated that she has no intention of building. It’s a small lot for where we are, resort town around a large east coast ski resort, but the instant I can afford to im going to try and buy it. Land here isn’t expensive, but building here is a pita and property tax compared to surrounding area sucks. My house is already on a double lot, but adding another ~.5 acre will add more to my home value than I spend.

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