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Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride Reopens After Two-Month Closure

Buffalo, N.Y. – The Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride has officially reopened after a two-month closure resulting from a tragic boat capsize incident that claimed the life of one man. The business made the announcement on Sunday, stating that it is now open for its throwback, lantern-lit, and guided walking tours.

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During the closure, which began in mid-June, the city’s building department deemed the cave unsafe due to exposed electrical wires. This discovery was made as part of the city’s investigation into the June 12 accident, wherein a tour boat capsized, resulting in injuries to several individuals and the tragic death of Harshad Shah, a Niagara Falls businessman who was reportedly trapped under the boat.

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It was reported in July that customers who had booked tours after the June capsize were still waiting for refunds and were unable to contact the business. This situation caused frustration and inconvenience for the affected individuals who were eager to receive their refunds.

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