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## Diversified Royalty Corp. Announces Cash Dividend

Diversified Royalty Corp. (TSX: DIV and DIV.DB.A) is pleased to announce that its board of directors has approved a cash dividend of $0.02083 per common share for the period of April 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024, equivalent to $0.25 per common share annually. The dividend will be paid on April 30, 2024, to shareholders of record as of the close of business on April 15, 2024.

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## About Diversified Royalty Corp.

Diversified Royalty Corp. (DIV) is a multi-royalty corporation focused on acquiring top-line royalties from well-managed multi-location businesses and franchisors in North America. The company aims to secure predictable, growing royalty streams from a diverse group of businesses.

DIV currently owns trademarks for Mr. Lube + Tires, AIR MILES®, Sutton, Mr. Mikes, Nurse Next Door, Oxford Learning Centres, Stratus Building Solutions, and BarBurrito. These brands represent a variety of industries, including quick lube services, loyalty programs, real estate, restaurants, home care, education services, and commercial cleaning.

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## Forward-Looking Statements and Risk Factors

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## Additional Information

For additional information on Diversified Royalty Corp. and its public filings, visit SEDAR at Contact details for key executives are also provided for further inquiries.

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