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### Bob Iger and Nelson Peltz: Disney Shareholder Battle

#### Introduction:
In a recent shareholder battle at The Walt Disney Co., CEO Bob Iger emerged victorious against activist investor Nelson Peltz. The shareholders elected all of Disney’s director nominees, rejecting Peltz’s attempt to secure a board seat.

#### Disney’s Announcement:
Disney announced the preliminary results at its annual shareholder meeting, with final results to follow. Peltz’s Trian Partners aimed to replace Disney directors Maria Elena Lagomasino and Michael Froman with Peltz and former Disney CFO Jay Rasulo.

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#### Peltz’s Campaign:
Despite Peltz’s efforts, Iger secured 94% of the vote for his board seat, while Lagomasino defeated Peltz by a significant margin. Disney’s large base of retail shareholders played a crucial role in supporting the company’s board.

#### Focus on Growth:
After the proxy process concluded, Iger emphasized the need to shift focus back to growth and value creation, applauding shareholders for their trust. Peltz’s campaign, which began in January, highlighted various proposed changes to Disney’s operations.

#### Conclusion:
Both Disney and Trian Partners garnered considerable support from prominent figures and advisory firms. Despite the outcome, Iger expressed optimism about Disney’s future, while Trian appreciated the impact of the contest on refocusing the company.

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