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Introduction to CBS Sports’ Hot Seat Rankings

Welcome to CBS Sports’ annual Hot Seat Rankings where buyouts meet speculation, job security meets job openings and normal everyday furniture gets torched — all landing with the subtlety of a jackhammer. Hey, the process ain’t pretty, but it is all a part of the game.

This offseason, 29 programs changed coaches. That makes 83 coaching changes in the last three years and 125 in the last five seasons. The coaching carousel in college football continues to spin at a rapid pace, with no signs of slowing down.

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2024 Coaching Changes and Speculations

The Hot Seat does not wish ill will on anyone, but it has shown a bit of success in this endeavor. Last year, only three of the seven coaches on this list survived into 2024. Over the last six years, 50 coaches found their way onto this list rated 4 or hotter in the preseason. Thirty-four of those coaches (68%) have either been fired or resigned under pressure. (The hit rate for Power Four coaches is nearly identical at 70%.)

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Coaches Facing Uncertain Futures

Whether there will be any openings at big-time programs next offseason — after a massive sea change following the 2023 campaign — remains to be seen. Arkansas’ Sam Pittman holds the only 5 rating (win or be fired), though Florida’s Billy Napier is the highest-profile coach at the most notable program on the list.

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Coaching Strategies and Performance

Like Napier, Baylor’s Dave Aranda has shuffled his staff; the Bears will feature a fresh set of coordinators for the third time in five years. Then there’s Clark Lea, who is 9-27 at Vanderbilt entering Year 4; he must show improvement immediately. The school is investing $300 million in facilities upgrades with a focus on sprucing up the SEC’s smallest football venue (FirstBank Stadium).

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Unique Circumstances for Top Coaches

Beyond those firmly on the hot seat are a pair of “Notable 3s” in special situations. No one this season features more unique circumstances than Ohio State’s Ryan Day. He is the winningest FBS coach (56-8) but absolutely must beat Michigan after three straight losses or face dire consequences. Miami’s Mario Cristobal only holds a 3 rating due to his contract and the love for him in Coral Gables, Florida; otherwise, looking at his 12-13 record, he’s only one victory past Napier despite generally facing less-difficult opponents.

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