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Introduction to Stéphanie Beaurain and Back Fence Productions

Stéphanie Beaurain is the owner and ‘craftswoman’ of Back Fence Productions of St. Helena. Her specialty is woodworking, particularly household items such as trays, platters, baskets, boxes, and small decorative items. Beaurain’s passion lies in using reclaimed and remnant wood from various sources, including contractors, cabinet makers, and musical instrument makers. She grew up in Paris, France, and is especially fond of creating items using parquetry techniques and patterns.

1. Childhood Ambition: Becoming a Veterinarian

Like many young girls, Beaurain’s childhood dream was to become a veterinarian. She has always been a dog lover, and her business mascot is her rescue pup named Bisou.

2. First Job: Babysitting

Beaurain’s first job was babysitting while she was growing up in Paris. This experience proved to be valuable practice as she eventually became a mother to three children of her own.

3. No Worst Job: Enjoyment in Every Career

Beaurain had an intellectually stimulating career in finance before transitioning to teaching middle school humanities. She enjoyed every job she held and feels grateful for the fulfilling experiences she had throughout her career.

4. Journey into Woodworking

Beaurain has always been drawn to woodworking, but it wasn’t until six years ago, after her teaching career ended and her children grew up, that she had the time and opportunity to pursue it. She found a retired woodworker who agreed to teach her woodworking, and she has been hooked ever since. Starting her own business was a natural progression as she turned her serious “craft passion” into a way to share her creations beyond just family and friends.

5. The Challenges of Starting a Business

As a startup, Back Fence Productions faced numerous challenges in starting a business. Beaurain had to navigate tasks such as sales tax registration, obtaining business licenses, finding suitable sales locations, arranging insurance, establishing packaging and shipping processes, building an online presence through social media, and setting up payment platforms. Amidst these administrative demands, she also had to find time to focus on the core aspect of her business: producing the woodwork creations.

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6. Napa’s Support for Local Businesses

Given the steep cost of doing business in Napa, Beaurain suggests that the city could help local makers businesses by providing more affordable workspaces. Napa Makes, an initiative by the city of Napa, aims to support artists, artisans, and small businesses. Beaurain hopes that this initiative will continue to grow and offer practical assistance to local entrepreneurs by addressing the challenge of finding affordable workspaces.

7. Breaking Stereotypes in the Woodworking Industry

Beaurain wishes to challenge the perception that woodworking is exclusively a male-dominated industry. She believes that people should recognize and acknowledge that women can be skilled woodworkers too. Many people are surprised to learn that she is not just a salesperson but the actual woodworker behind her creations.

8. Favorite Charity or Nonprofit: Supporting Doctors without Borders and Animal Shelters

Beaurain has long been a supporter of Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides medical assistance to communities in need. Additionally, she deeply appreciates the shelter from which she adopted her dog, and supports their efforts to provide care and find homes for animals in need.

9. Surprising Fact: Rugby Player in Teens

Despite her petite stature, Beaurain surprises people by revealing that she enjoyed playing rugby in her teenage years. This unexpected fact challenges stereotypes and demonstrates her diverse interests and capabilities.

10. Lifetime Accomplishment: Break-even in Business

Beaurain’s main goal and aspiration for her business is to achieve break-even, where her revenue matches her costs. This milestone would signify stability and success in her entrepreneurial journey.

Contact Information

To learn more about Stéphanie Beaurain and Back Fence Productions, you can reach her via email at [email protected]. Her woodwork can be found at the St. Helena Farmers market on the first and last Friday of each month.

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