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The Court’s Decision and Archer’s Planned Appearance Before the House Oversight Committee

The court’s decision regarding Archer’s case is still pending, and it is not expected to be made before his closed-door meeting with the House Oversight Committee. This means that even if the court eventually agrees with the request, Archer will not have to report to prison before his scheduled appearance. Therefore, in light of this situation, Archer’s attorney has stated that he will proceed as planned and will attend the meeting on Monday.

The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York’s office declined to comment on the filing or the timing of the letter. However, an assistant U.S. attorney named Negar Tekeei filed a one-page letter stating that prosecutors had asked Archer’s attorney to suggest a reporting date considering the Second Circuit ruling, but their request was rejected.

According to the letter from the Department of Justice, Archer’s counsel argued that it was “premature” to set a sentencing date at this stage because Archer is contemplating further appeals and intends to raise an “error” in the sentencing process. Archer’s lawyer plans to submit a response to the demands of the U.S. attorney by Wednesday.

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