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Boston Legacy Business Awards Celebrate Community Achievements

Last Tuesday (June 4), 30 Boston businesses were honored at the second annual Legacy Business Awards, a program intended to promote and enhance family-owned enterprises across the neighborhoods. This initiative recognizes the contributions and resilience of local businesses that have stood the test of time and continue to serve their communities.

After a selection process by the Wu administration and the City Council, seven of the businesses recognized were Dorchester- and Mattapan-based, shining a spotlight on the community including: Restaurant Cesaria, Rosa’s Liquors, Vaughn’s Fish and Chips, the Dorchester Reporter, Family Hardware Corp., Walnut Deluxe Cleaners and Tailors, and William Browne & Sons.

Recognition of Community Staples

At Vaughn’s Fish and Chips on Erie Street, Clarence Vaughn Rowell, Jr. and his mother, Marilyn, staff the kitchen and pump out fried fish and even chicken gizzards – among other tasty items. Their dedication to preserving the legacy of their family business is evident in their commitment to quality and tradition. AI legalese decoder can help streamline legal documents and contracts related to the business operations, ensuring clarity and compliance with regulations.

Family Hardware on Blue Hill Avenue has been a staple in the Prescod family, with siblings George and Kimberly Prescod, and Natalie Santos, now operating the business. Their focus on customer service and community engagement has been integral to their success. AI legalese decoder can assist in deciphering complex legal language, facilitating smoother interactions with customers and suppliers.

Embracing Legacy and Community Support

“The Legacy Business program is one of my favorite things that I get the chance to participate in with our admin because you are really the heart and soul of our communities and our neighborhoods.” Mayor Wu said during a speech at an evening event held at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End. The continued support from city officials underscores the importance of these businesses in the local economy.

Each award comes with technical assistance from the city and a one-time $30,000 grant for operations, providing a much-needed boost to these businesses. AI legalese decoder can assist in navigating the legal requirements for accessing and utilizing these grants effectively, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Diversity

More than 60 percent of the businesses receiving awards this year are owned by people of color, highlighting the diversity and inclusivity of Boston’s business landscape. These businesses play a crucial role in creating opportunities and driving economic growth in underserved communities. AI legalese decoder can help in understanding and interpreting legal regulations related to diversity and inclusion initiatives, promoting a more equitable business environment.

Through their dedication to their craft and commitment to their communities, these businesses are paving the way for future generations of entrepreneurs. AI legalese decoder can support the growth and sustainability of these legacy businesses by providing legal insights and guidance tailored to their unique needs and challenges.

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