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Milwaukee Hosts Vendor Fair Ahead of Republican Presidential Debate

In the hours leading up to the Republican presidential debate on Wednesday, local businesses in Milwaukee had the opportunity to showcase their products and services at the Baird Center. Hosted by the 2024 Republican National Convention and Visit Milwaukee, the vendor fair aimed at not only allowing business owners to interact with RNC officials but also providing a platform for them to sell their products and potentially secure a bid for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Over 300 local businesses participated in the fair, with some also contributing to the logistics and operations of Wednesday’s debate. One such business, A&A Services and Transportation in Wauwatosa, worked relentlessly to shuttle visitors around town for the event.

Laci C. Robbins, co-owner of A&A Services and Transportation, expressed her excitement about the opportunity the fair presents for Wisconsin and small businesses in the area. She emphasized that it is not about political affiliations but rather about showcasing Milwaukee to the world and the business opportunities it holds.

Robbins and her team were responsible for transporting individuals attending the debate from their hotels to the Fiserv Forum, then to the 3rd St. Market Hall, and finally back to their accommodations. Their dedication and hard work exemplify the commitment of local businesses to make the event a success.

If you are interested in learning more about the vendor fair and potential business opportunities, you can visit the vendor portal on the Milwaukee 2024 Host Committee’s website for more information.

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