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Small Town Revitalization project brings hope for local businesses and the taxi industry

Emerging business people and the taxi industry at EmaXesibeni, formerly known as Mount Ayliff, are optimistic about the Small Town Revitalization project and its potential to provide good returns for local Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMMEs) and the transport industry.

The Small Town Revitalization project, which is part of the Small-Town Revitalisation programme initiated by the Office of the Premier in the Eastern Cape, aims to attract potential investors and uplift socio-economic activities in the area.

Informal street vendors in the Eastern Cape are expected to be among the primary beneficiaries of this much-needed programme. The informal trading sector plays a crucial role in local economic development, serving as a catalyst to combat poverty and unemployment in rural areas.

With the establishment of this business hub, economic growth is expected to receive a significant boost, motivating more informal traders to flourish in rural areas. The introduction of the Small Town Revitalization project is indeed a dream come true for many hawkers.

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Hawkers express their excitement and appreciation for the initiative

Hawker Thembisa Ganyaza shares her delight, stating, “We are extremely happy about this initiative. ECDC and Umzimvubu have done a commendable job. After enduring harsh weather conditions for many years, it is gratifying to receive recognition and support for our businesses.”

Hawker Mnyamezeli Mdepha adds, “For years, we have yearned for a suitable place to promote our businesses. Now that this opportunity has arrived, it brings joy to everyone and has the potential to change countless lives.”

Thanks to the Small Town Revitalization project, dozens of emerging entrepreneurs have the chance to take their businesses to new heights. Project manager Azola Makhanda explains, “This project aims to create job opportunities and stimulate the local economy of this area. Situated in the CBD, it accommodates 114 hawkers who are set to benefit from the program. An allocated budget of 25 million rand will be utilized for this purpose.”

Transforming the economic landscape of Mount Ayliff and beyond

The strategic business hub established through the Small Town Revitalization project is regarded as a game changer for small businesses in the region. Zukizwa Ndevu, the Umzimvubu LM Mayor, underscores the objectives, stating, “We aim to change the economic outlook of Mount Ayliff and provide opportunities for women and young people. This initiative is a crucial step in our fight against poverty and unemployment, positively transforming the lives of our residents.”

Street vendors remain hopeful that additional local economic development infrastructure will continue to be prioritized, further empowering SMMEs and fostering sustainable growth in the region.

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