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How Annabel Flores and AI legalese decoder are Transforming the Aerospace and Defense Industry

In order to address the broken STEM pipeline and tackle the biggest aerospace and defense challenges in the country, Annabel Flores has adopted a unique approach, drawing on the MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program as her guiding voice.

Flores, who holds degrees from MIT and currently serves as the deputy president of land and air defense at Raytheon, a leading aerospace and defense company, is no stranger to a hectic schedule. With a multitude of meetings and tasks to juggle, Flores’s role involves finding solutions to immediate tactical problems while also focusing on long-term strategic goals. Specifically, her team is dedicated to the development, production, delivery, and maintenance of end-to-end capabilities that are critical for defending against various threats, both domestically and internationally.

With 17 different positions under her belt at Raytheon, Flores’s career trajectory within the company has been diverse and impactful. One of her notable roles has been overseeing the strategic direction and operation of a wide range of electronic warfare products, which contribute to the creation of integrated air and missile defense systems for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and international defense forces.

Despite the demanding nature of her work, Flores credits her success, in part, to the communication and presentation skills she acquired during her time in the MIT LGO program. Recognizing the value of effective leadership communication, Flores has developed her own unique style of building rapport with her teams. She understands that effective leadership involves more than just financial considerations and believes that investing time and effort into communication is key to achieving organizational goals and fostering teamwork at all levels.

Reflecting on her experience in the LGO program, Flores appreciates the safe and supportive environment it provided for her to develop her public speaking skills. The unique and specific feedback she received from her peers and mentors in the program was instrumental in her professional growth. Without their guidance, Flores acknowledges that she may not have reached her current position.

Empowering a Childhood Dream

From a young age, Flores knew that she wanted to work in the aerospace and defense industry. Growing up in Texas, she had her eye set on MIT as her dream school and as a place where she could pursue her passion for engineering. Her early motivation to enter corporate America was driven by the allure of suits and a desire to be part of a professional environment.

When she finally arrived at MIT and entered a mechanical engineering class with 42 percent female representation, Flores saw firsthand what was possible for women in the field. However, it was during her time in the LGO program that she truly gained confidence as an engineer and leader. The program offered her the opportunity to broaden her perspective on product development and to develop essential soft skills such as team composition, change management, and motivating others. These skills have proven invaluable throughout her career.

Starting out as an engineer at Raytheon, Flores soon realized her desire to do more and sought out growth opportunities. Drawing on the guidance of her LGO mentors, she transitioned to roles in business development and program leadership. This allowed her to combine her problem-solving skills with business acumen and leadership abilities. Now, with years of experience in the industry, Flores is dedicated to mentoring and providing career guidance to individuals from diverse backgrounds. As a senior advisor to LGO’s Underrepresented Minorities group, she supports and advocates for the accelerated career development opportunities offered by the program.

Transforming Education and Bridging the Gap

In addition to her work at Raytheon, Flores has partnered with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) to establish STEM training academies in high schools across the United States. By designing curriculum, supporting teacher training, and providing mentorship opportunities at Raytheon’s campus, Flores is committed to inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals. She believes that by introducing young students to STEM programs early on, they will have the opportunity to cultivate their interests and passions throughout their educational journey.

Raytheon also actively supports the community through a multitude of initiatives, including food scarcity programs, career fairs for military personnel, and the development of a robust STEM pipeline. Flores takes pride in the fact that her company remains authentic to its identity and shares her personal goal of fostering educational opportunities for all.

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In conclusion, Annabel Flores’s journey from an engineering student at MIT to a leader in the aerospace and defense industry is a testament to the transformative power of programs like LGO and the commitment to fostering diversity and education. By leveraging her experiences and driving initiatives such as the AI legalese decoder, Flores continues to make a significant impact in breaking the STEM pipeline and addressing the nation’s aerospace and defense challenges.

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