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## How AI Legalese Decoder Can Help with Your Claim Status

Has your claim been taking the scenic route or did it take the express lane this week?

Use this thread to share how long/short you have been waiting on your claim. As well as sharing with us your victory against the VBA Juggernaut!

For those looking to share their success you may also want to make a post in our sister sub: r/VeteransSuccess.

### Claim Status Template:

– Type of claim: (New, Original, Supplemental, Increase, etc)
– Submitted/received date:
– Initial review date:
– Evidence gathering/review date:
– PFD date:
– PDA date:
– PFN date:
– Completed date:
– Misc details:

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  • AUsernameAnswering42


    172 days total if I counted right.

    Type: Fully Developed, Initial, Multiple

    Submitted: First week October ÔÇÿ23

    Initial Review, C&P process, “Request Claim Decision”: Oct. ÔÇÿ23 + Nov. ÔÇÿ23

    PFD #1: Early Dec. ÔÇÿ23

    Temp. Jurisd. #1, PDA #1: Mid Feb. ÔÇÿ24

    PFN #1: Late Feb. ÔÇÿ24. (some decisions some deferred, claim remained open)

    Gathering Evidence #2, new C&P’s completed, PFD #2: Late Feb. ÔÇÿ24 (left Temp. back to NWQ)

    Temp. Jurisd. #2, Evidence Review #2: Early Mar. ’24

    Gathering Evidence #2: Mid Mar. ÔÇÿ24 (left Temp. back to NWQ)

    Temp. Jurisd. #3, PFD #3, PDA #2: Last week

    2nd PFN: 03/21

    Completed: 03/23-24

    All important claims given service connection %.

    Would have been happy with even 10%, more about someone official admitting the service broke me, combined rating ended up 50+% though so definitely happy.

    Have to do a Supplemental for one issue that the evidence didn’t arrive in time for the claim, on to Round 2 now.

  • Every-Morning-Is-New

    Type of claim: (1) Increase (2) New
    Submitted/received date: 2024-02-09
    Initial review date: Completed: 2024-02-16
    Evidence gathering/review date: 2024-02-16
    PFD date: 2024-03-22, ???
    PDA date: 2024-03-23, ???
    PFN date: 2024-03-23 + See below
    Completed date: Partial Rating on 2024-03-24
    Misc details: Temp Jurisdiction is Philadelphia.

    I received a partial rating for a successful increase for OSA, 30% to 50% increasing my overall rating to 70%. Examiner on previous claim told me I was recommended a CPAP back in 2017 during active duty… I had no idea.

    Deferred for Mental Health and Insomnia (I know this will be lumped). Had MH exam 2 weeks ago, psych diagnosed me with GAD and depression related to other service connections.

    Not sure if the deferral is an ACE exam not or yet.

  • meesersloth

    * Type of claim: New
    * Submitted/received date: Nov 8 23
    * Initial review date: Nov 9 23
    * Evidence gathering/review date: Nov 15th – Jan 18th 2024
    * PFD date: Jan 18th 2024 (VA website) March 21st 2024 (VA website)
    * PDA date: TBD
    * PFN date: TBD
    * Completed date: TBD
    * Misc details: Went Temp Jurisdiction 15 Mar then lost it 22nd Mar. Despite the VA website saying I was in PFD since Jan 18th Vera said I was in PFD since 21 March.

  • More-Cartographer962

    Type of claim: Initial FDCSubmitted/received date: 11/2/2023Initial review date: 11/2/2023Evidence gathering/review date: 11/9/2023PFD date: 2/7/2024Misc details: Temp Jurisdiction- Columbia given on 15 March. Claimed 13 different things. All my C&P exams were complete by end of November


    Literally went to PFN today back to Evidence gathering a few minutes ago ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)

  • Twodrops

    * Type of claim: Original or new? I don’t really understand this part. It’s my first claim ever. Been out about 3 years at time of filing. (5 things claimed: MH, Hearing loss, tinnitus, wrist, cervical spine)
    * Submitted/received date: 11 DEC 23
    * Initial review date: 12 DEC 23
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 15 DEC 23
    * PFD date: 1 March 24
    * PDA date: N/A
    * PFN date: N/A
    * Completed date: N/A
    * Misc details: No temp jurisdiction yet. ┬»\_(Òâä)_/┬»

  • Alarmed_Expert6883

    * Type of claim: (initial)
    * Submitted/received date: 4OCT23
    * Initial review date: 4OCT23
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 17 OCT23
    * PFD date: 14 MAR24
    * PDA date: 22MAR24
    * PFN date: n/a
    * Completed date: n/a
    * Misc details: got a temp jurisdiction this morning 18MAR24, St. Louis. Went to PDA over the weekend!

  • DwightOfTheDead


    * Type of claim: New/Original “First Time Claiming, Got out 2012”
    * Submitted/received date: 9/30/2023
    * Initial review date: 9/30/2023
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 01/02/2024
    * PFD date: 03/20/2024
    * PDA date: 03/22/2024
    * PFN date: 03/25/2024
    * Completed date: N/A
    * Misc details: First time claiming anything, when I was in, I was young and dumb, and didn’t document much if anything. Everything I claimed is Presumptive from my time in Afghanistan “muscle/joint pain/hearing loss/etc”. I don’t expect to get much of a rating but you never know. Cheers.

  • Acrobatic-Lunch-6091

    Type: new
    Submission date: 12/5/23
    C&P: 12/22/23
    PFD: 12/27/23
    PDA: N/A
    PFN: N/A

    No temp jurisdiction. DBQ with VA with recommended service connection per VARA.

  • merp_derp_2018

    This was me

    ITF: April 2023

    Initial: 10/31/2023

    PFD: 11/28/2023

    Partial complete: 3/25/2024

    2x Deferred

  • hdriggers010

    Type: increase
    Submitted: 01/07/24
    Initial: 01/10/24
    EGR: 01/31/24
    PFD: 01/31/24

    I havenÔÇÖt noticed a temp jurisdiction assigned since EGR. Filed for increase for thoracolumbar ddd as well as bilateral lower extremity neuralgia secondary to the degeneration in my back. Anyone have any suggestions as to check the status or why it has been sitting at PFD for nearly two months? I have arranged an appointment with VERA in a week and a half, does the 800 number provide any information to put my mind at ease in the meantime.

  • Bootasspog

    Type of claim: New/supplemental
    Submitted: 10/29
    PFD: 11/18 exams 11/17
    Decision: 3/7 2 conditions denied the rest defer ed. HLR filed 3/8.
    Exams scheduled 3/29 for deferred contentions.
    3/19 DTA error found for HLR.

  • thebrojo

    I’ve been assigned a rater and PFD 3/12 for 9 days. That bad boy is probably setting off all sorts of alarms in the system. Touch me, touch me

  • BetFit4367

    just dropping a line to thank everyone who maintains the knowledge base and everyone contributing here!

    1 BDD claim submitted August 2023. EOAS January 2024.
    C&Ps February 2024.
    Claims decided this week, awarded 70% with 1 deferred appt.
    1 claim denied service connection that I thought I had in the bag, so going back with supplemental shortly

  • Old_Job_4042

    * Type of claim: New, Increase, Secondary
    * Submitted/received date: 9/13/2023
    * Initial review date: 9/14/2023
    * Evidence gathering/review date: 9/16/2023
    * PFD date: 9/18/2023
    * Went back to Evidence Gathering/Review: 11/28/2023
    * C&P: 2/2/2024, 2/19/2024, 2/26/2024
    * PFD Date: 3/15/2024 –> Temp Jurisdiction 3/16/2024
    * PDA date: Hopefully soon..
    * PFN date: Hopefully soon…
    * Completed date: Hopefully soon…
    * Misc: Called Vera last Friday and they told me rater was assigned on March 20th. so it shouldn’t take more than 5 business for them to rate my claim. I don’t know if it’s true but just waiting…

  • No_Contribution_4007

    ITF: April 2023

    Initial: 10/31/2023

    PFD: 11/28/2023

    Partial complete: 3/25/2024

    2x Deferred

  • Gumpy-Grunt-83

    Claim status Template:

    * Type of claim: Supplemental (OSA to PTSD)
    * Submitted/received date: 12/6/2023
    * Initial review date: 12/6/2023
    * Evidence gathering/review date:
    * PFD date:
    * PDA date:
    * PFN date:
    * Completed date: 3/22/24
    * Misc details: OSA approved at 30% which is clearly a CUE sense in my file and C&P it was documented that I required a CPAP. Doubt that I will contest being that the 30 pushed me into the 100% club. Time for a big exhale and some healing.

  • Odinspark117

    * Type of claim: New
    * Submitted/received date:(intent date 08/23) official date 2023-10-27
    * Initial review date:2023-11-08
    * Evidence gathering/review date:2023-11-28(2024-03-15)
    * PFD date:2023-12-20
    * PDA date:2024-03-08
    * PFN date:2024-03-14
    * Completed date:
    * Misc details: ACE Exam results hit the VA today so hopefully i will se some movement by the end of the week. Scheduled an appointment with my Primary Care for my knee established as still bothering me. Scheduled a VERA call to ensure that they are labeling my headaches as secondary but got a no call. they ended up backdating my claim to January of last year because i filed within a year of separation from active so that was great!

    7 claims (tinnitus(APPROVED), migraine(relabeled as tension headaches)(DEFERED), knee condition(DENIED though service connected event proved), both wrists(DEFERED), Sleep Apnea(DENIED), back pain(DENIED).)

    CNP Exams 2023-11-22, 2023-12-08, 2023-12-12 (ACE EXAM 2024-03-21 no call)

  • MoochiePuddinElbows

    UPDATE!! Finally, Granted

    1. ÔüáÔüáIntent to file: 05/31/2018
    2. ÔüáÔüáOfficially filed and it was received by the VA: 08/19/2018
    3. ÔüáÔüáDecision received: 07/08/2019 (Denied)
    4. ÔüáÔüáFiled appeal for Higher Level Review and it was received by the VA: 10/24/2019
    5. ÔüáÔüáDecision received for Higher Level Review Appeal: 01/02/2020 (Upheld/Denied)
    6. ÔüáÔüáFiled appeal for Board of Veteran Appeals ÔÇô Law Judge Hearing and it was received: 04/07/2020. Scheduled hearing received March 2023 for a date of 06/29/2023. On 06/29/2023: Hearing went well. My 90-day waiting for additional evidence period ended on 09/27/2023.
    7. On 11/02/2023 my hearing was assigned to a veteran law judge to review. I have been waiting since then.
    8. 03/25/2024: Granted for PTSD & Muscle Injury.

    Now the claim needs to be sent back down to the regional office to determine effective date and rating.