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Local Businesses in Stevens Point Receive Grant

STEVENS POINT – Two local businesses in downtown Stevens Point were among 500 small business owners who have been awarded $10,000 through a national grant program.

Bound to Happen Books and PROCESS announced Monday the two businesses each received $10,000 through the Backing Small Businesses grant program through American Express and Main Street America.

The program’s grant recipients were announced last month and include small businesses across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. The grantees will have the opportunity later this year to apply for an additional $30,000 enhancement grant that will be awarded to 25 small businesses.

According to a joint release from Bound to Happen Books and PROCESS, both local shops will use the funds to improve community and customer needs. Both stores intend to invest more in the Stevens Point community with the increased revenue from the business improvements.

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