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Albuquerque TV Show Boosts City’s Recognition and Business Growth

A national television show called “American Dream TV,” specifically its second season titled “Selling Albuquerque,” is making waves with its spotlight on the city of Albuquerque. The realtors behind the show, the Salcido duo, are ecstatic about the success and positive impact it has had on their business.

When the show first aired four months ago, the Albuquerque realtors were excited to showcase the city and its offerings on a national platform. However, they couldn’t anticipate the dramatic impact it would have on their business and the overall recognition of Albuquerque.

Since the show premiered, the realtors have witnessed an explosion in their business. Their increased visibility on “American Dream TV” has attracted interest from businesses looking to establish themselves in Albuquerque, prompting the duo to consider expanding their operations to Las Cruces, Santa Fe, and even Boston.

The show’s success has been so overwhelming that the realtors had to temporarily pause their involvement due to their busy schedule. However, they have expressed their willingness to continue working with the show once their workload eases up.

“Selling Albuquerque” has already showcased various prominent locations in the city, such as Sandias and Mesa del Sol, as well as Twilight Homes, a local homebuilding company.

Although on a break, the realtors have big future plans for the show’s upcoming episodes, aiming to feature popular attractions like Meow Wolf and other entertaining aspects of Albuquerque and New Mexico. Their goal is to capture the essence of the entire state and its diverse offerings.

The season “Selling Albuquerque” is available for viewing on the Travel Channel and other streaming services, further amplifying the city’s exposure.

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