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**U.S. Small Business Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman Commends SBA’s Support for Black Greek Organizations and Entrepreneurs**

U.S. Small Business Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman recently expressed her appreciation for the partnership between the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Black Greek organizations, particularly the National PanHellenic Council, also known as the “Divine Nine.” In a meeting with members of Iota Phi Theta, one of the historically Black fraternities, Guzman emphasized the importance of inclusivity in building a robust economy.

The collaboration between the SBA and the Divine Nine has been instrumental in promoting Black entrepreneurship across the country. Guzman recognized the strength of this network and highlighted the resources it provides. The fraternities and sororities are linked to SBA district offices and resource partners, facilitating joint trainings and information sharing between the agency and these organizations.

During the meeting, Guzman outlined the various resources available to small business owners through the SBAÔÇÖs development centers. She provided insights into how entrepreneurs can participate in the agency’s government contracting program and highlighted the financial support offered by the SBA, including innovation grants, business loans, and disaster assistance.

The significance of this partnership is further underscored by the statistics. In the greater Atlanta area, 7.4% of businesses are owned by African Americans, the highest rate of Black-owned businesses in the United States, according to a report from online loan marketplace LendingTree. Within Atlanta itself, Black-owned businesses make up around 20% of the total. These figures highlight the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of the Black community in the region.

For Iota Phi Theta and other members of the Divine Nine, the partnership with the SBA simplifies the process of accessing funding and achieving business recognition. It acknowledges that Black Greek letter fraternities and sororities constitute a prominent group of potential small Black business owners, many of whom already own businesses. However, some may not have found the traditional SBA process accessible or comfortable. Thanks to this collaboration, they can now navigate these processes with greater ease and confidence.

The SBA’s commitment to supporting small businesses extends beyond its partnership with the Divine Nine. The agency has joined forces with numerous organizations in metro Atlanta, including the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, the Urban League, Morehouse College, and the International Rescue Committee. Through initiatives like the Community Navigator Pilot Program, the SBA and its partners have provided resources, counseling, technical assistance, and help with loan and grant applications to diverse small businesses, including immigrant-owned enterprises.

Moreover, the SBA has deepened its engagement with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), exemplifying its dedication to supporting education and entrepreneurship within Black communities. For instance, the opening of a Women’s Business Center at Savannah State University in April 2022 demonstrates the SBA’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs.

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In conclusion, the SBA’s collaboration with Black Greek organizations, such as the Divine Nine, exemplifies its commitment to promoting Black entrepreneurship and building an inclusive economy. Through joint trainings, shared information, and increased resources, the partnership serves as a catalyst for success. Furthermore, the SBA’s engagement with HBCUs and other local organizations highlights its efforts to empower diverse small businesses. When supported by tools like the AI legalese decoder, entrepreneurs can confidently navigate legal processes and maximize their access to the resources provided by the SBA. These combined efforts contribute to a thriving business landscape that fosters economic growth and empowers underrepresented communities.

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