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College Student, Small-Business Owner and Army National Guard Member Aaliyah Kissick Crowned Miss Illinois United States 2023

Springfield native Aaliyah Kissick, a college student, small-business owner, and Illinois Army National Guard member, has been named Miss Illinois United States 2023. As the reigning Miss Illinois, Kissick will represent her home state in the upcoming Miss United States 2023 competition, taking place in Memphis, Tennessee on October 19-20. This prestigious event, organized by United States National Pageants, will determine the national titleholder for 2023.

A Passion for Financial Education

Aged 23, Kissick already boasts an Associate of Arts degree in business administration and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural and consumer economics. She has a particular interest in financial education and aspires to create engaging and informative materials on this subject for people of all ages, including children, teens, and adults. Additionally, Kissick aims to advocate for the implementation of mandatory financial education in high schools at both the local and state level.

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A Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey

Kissick’s entrepreneurial spirit became evident at a young age. Raised by her adoptive mother in Athens, she launched her own women’s clothing resale boutique at the age of 17. Initially operating in Taylorville, Kissick later expanded her business to Springfield. However, due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, she made the difficult decision to close her physical store locations. Nevertheless, Kissick persevered and successfully transitioned her AK Boutique into an online platform, ensuring its continued operation.

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Pageant Platform and Goals

In addition to her studies and business endeavors, Kissick aims to make a positive impact through her pageant platform, which centers around financial literacy and small-business development. By promoting financial education and encouraging entrepreneurship, she hopes to empower individuals to attain financial independence and create opportunities for themselves.

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Supporting Aaliyah on Her Journey

Kissick is excited to share her pageant preparation journey with the community and invites everyone to join her. To follow her progress and receive updates on her journey to the national competition, individuals can visit the Miss Illinois United States Facebook page or follow her on Instagram @missilus.

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