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**A round-up of West Hartford business news**

*Business Buzz, sponsored by NBT Bank*

By Ronni Newton

**Exciting News: Welcome Champ!**

Champ, Katie and Matt’s perfect little boy, arrived on Thursday afternoon, and we couldn’t be happier. While we are giving the new parents some space, we can’t resist seeing him every day. Champ is already stealing our hearts with his calm demeanor, strong grip, and adorable habits. As grandparents, Ted and I are overjoyed to live just a few miles away and be part of Champ’s life from the start. Check out the adorable photos of Champ at 1 day old and 2 days old.

**Busy Week**

Last week was a welcome distraction from the anticipation of Champ’s arrival and the unbearable heat and humidity. On Tuesday night, I watched “Barbie” with my sister and absolutely loved it. Thanks to Linked Media, I had the chance to sample the new menu offerings at Sparrow during lunchtime on Wednesday. The dishes were delicious! Thursday was filled with nervous anticipation as Katie went into labor, but it didn’t stop me from presenting to journalism campers at Camp KO. It was an honor to speak to the campers and answer their tough questions. After the presentation, I enjoyed a scrumptious lunch catered by Forge City Works. The timing was perfect as I received the news of Champ’s arrival just as I left KO!

**Fun Times and Good Food**

Friday was eventful with a press conference featuring Gov. Ned Lamont and DECD Commissioner Alexandra Daum, which led to an exciting story for today’s column. After visiting Champ at Hartford Hospital, Ted and I attended the HSO’s Talcott Mountain Music Festival in Simsbury. The performance, Serpentine Fire – the Music of Earth, Wind & Fire, was fantastic, and the picnic dinner catered by Cafe Louise was divine. Check out the photos of us enjoying the music and the delectable food.

On Saturday night, we ventured out of West Hartford and had a delightful dinner at Toro Loco in Farmington. The house margarita, chips and salsa, chicken tinga tacos, and pollo asada burrito were all delicious.

**Stay Updated with West Hartford News**

If you’re looking for printed news about West Hartford, make sure to check out the twice-monthly issues of the West Hartford Press. Many stories from and other local news sources are published there. If you have any information to share about local businesses, please leave your details in the comments or email me at [email protected].

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