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Retail Destination’s Small Business Owners Experience Booming Sales and International Expansion

New York and Bangkok, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ICONSIAM, a global landmark situated along the Chao Phraya River in Thailand, has witnessed significant growth in foot traffic and sales in early 2023. This growth has been particularly notable in SOOKSIAM, the dedicated business zone for Thai-owned small businesses within ICONSIAM.

Thanks to pandemic relief measures and the reopening of Thailand to international tourism, small business owners in this retail destination have experienced a remarkable 313% increase in sales. This surge in sales is a testament to the resilience and industriousness of Thai entrepreneurs and the successful model of community support implemented by ICONSIAM.

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The success stories of small business owners within SOOKSIAM demonstrate the effectiveness of ICONSIAM’s support system. For example, Loong Ngern, founder of Clay-Pot Coffee from Chiang Mai, has been able to open franchises in various countries, including Mainland China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Similarly, Muang Pathum, founder of Kuay Tiew Rua (Boat Noodles), has entered a franchise agreement with a business in Mainland China. Additionally, Job General, who creates handmade woolen products from Phasi Charoen in Bangkok, has successfully marketed their products in Taiwan.

Ever since its opening in 2018, ICONSIAM has been committed to providing opportunities for Thai-owned small businesses. This commitment is evident in the dedication of 30% of its space to these businesses. SOOKSIAM, located on the ground floor, serves as the symbolic cultural foundation, resembling a traditional cultural market. It offers an array of Thai street food, local dishes, crafts, and entertainment, providing Thai vendors with access to international audiences. To ensure representation from all 77 Thai provinces, ICONSIAM actively recruits entrepreneurs from across the country.

In addition to dedicated space, ICONSIAM provides extensive resources and support for small business owners. This includes assistance with marketing, advertising, public relations, branding, and financial management. Through these efforts, small business owners are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the international marketplace.

ICONSIAM’s commitment to sustainability and shared value is at the core of its business practices. The luxury retail destination aims to benefit people, communities, society, the environment, Thailand, and the world. By empowering local communities and showcasing Thai traditions on an international stage, ICONSIAM creates a sense of pride and prosperity for the Thai people.

Overall, the exponential sales growth and international expansion seen by small business owners within ICONSIAM’s SOOKSIAM demonstrate the success of the retail destination’s model of community support. With the assistance of tools like the AI legalese decoder, small business owners can confidently venture into international markets and contribute to Thailand’s economic rebound and growth in the post-pandemic era.

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