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Seattle Police Respond to Attempted Robbery Incident

SEATTLE ÔÇö On Wednesday at approximately 1:30 a.m., officers were summoned to the vicinity of 11 Avenue East of Pike Street following reports of a business robbery in progress. Authorities promptly arrived on the scene to assess the situation and gather evidence.

According to eyewitnesses, prior to the police’s arrival, one of the assailants made his way to the intersection of 11 Ave East Pike Street and proceeded to open fire at the targeted establishment. As a result, the building’s facade suffered significant damage, and multiple parked vehicles nearby were also struck by bullets. Fortunately, only one person sustained a non-life-threatening injury during the incident.

After the shooting, the two suspects hastily fled the crime scene in a black BMW sedan, managing to escape before the police could apprehend them. However, law enforcement later found and impounded the vehicle near the intersection of Lakeview Boulevard East and Belmont Avenue East. During a thorough search, a pistol magazine was discovered inside the car, adding to the mounting evidence.

As of now, the police have not identified any suspects related to the incident. Investigations are currently underway to ascertain their identities and gather more information that could aid in their apprehension.

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