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**Title: Medical Cannabis and Custody: Seeking Advice**


I am in need of advice regarding a sensitive matter involving medical cannabis and custody arrangements. I have a one-year-old child with my ex-partner (non-de facto), and there is a dispute arising from my medical prescription for insomnia and Asperger’s syndrome. My ex-partner claims that due to my prescription and “past history” of recreational use during my teenage years (without a prescription), I pose a risk to our child. I should mention that I have no criminal record. While there are no formal custody orders in place currently, I am hopeful that mediation in a couple of weeks will lead to their establishment.


Through mediation, I was able to gain visitation rights and establish a parenting plan after providing a clean hair follicle test about seven months ago, ensuring that I met my child in a drug-free state. However, my ex-partner requested another test, and when I declined, she abruptly cut off all visitation rights. Additionally, she now insists on supervised changeovers or the provision of another clean hair follicle drug test in three months, followed by a second test three months later, all at my expense. Only if I comply with these demands will she consider allowing overnight visits. Strangely enough, my switch from the prescribed medication to a stronger sleeping pill does not seem to be a concern for her. It is worth mentioning that my ex-partner finds herself in a similar situation with two other fathers of her children, and she has a history of being an illegal drug user while still having custody of her other kids.

**Seeking Advice**

I am hoping to avoid going to court as I do not have substantial financial resources available at the moment. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any advice from individuals who have been in a similar situation or can offer guidance on how to navigate this complex issue.

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Heading: Conclusion

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  • Judgedread33

    If she is not budging your only option is Family Law Court.

  • ellhard

    Well, for starters, she can’t use a prescription ‘MEDICINE’ against you.

    Give her the hair follicle test and the prescription.

    She is being unreasonable and not acting in the best interest of the child.

    She is not a doctor, nor is the judge.

    If you have been prescribed opiates you still receive a positive result in the test, but it is negated by the prescription. I dont know why she thinks cannabis is any different.

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