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Tarte Cosmetics to Host Second Annual Shape Your Future Small Business Awards

Tarte Cosmetics, a renowned beauty brand, is excited to announce the upcoming Second Annual Shape Your Future Small Business Awards. This program aims to provide financial support and growth resources to empower Black female entrepreneurs. With National Black Business Month starting in August, Tarte plans to grant a total of $300,000 to deserving recipients.

Acknowledging the significant disparity in venture-backed capital reaching Black-owned businesses, Tarte is committed to addressing this issue. Currently, less than 1% of venture-backed capital reaches Black-owned businesses, and only 0.34% of total capital spent in the US is directed towards Black female startup founders. In response, Tarte aims to provide dedicated financial support and growth resources to empower and uplift Black female entrepreneurs.

To demonstrate their commitment to supporting the larger entrepreneurial community, Tarte will double down on their efforts by contributing $150,000 towards the awards. Additionally, Tarte Cosmetics CEO, Maureen Kelly, personally pledges an additional $150,000. Kelly’s own experience in building Tarte from the ground-up fuels her desire to pay it forward and support other entrepreneurs.

The Shape Your Future Awards, a cornerstone of Tarte’s commitment to giving back, will create pathways to accelerate the advancement of Black female-owned businesses. The $300,000 in awards will be funded equally, ensuring fair distribution among the recipients. Alongside the monetary award, Tarte is offering ongoing, exclusive mentorship with key executives across various departments such as finance, legal, supply chain, public relations, social media, and marketing. This mentorship will aid in the growth and scalability of the selected small businesses.

Furthermore, Tarte is introducing an innovative resource and incubation center called Tarte Labs. Award recipients will be the first to experience this program, which will provide entrepreneurs, creators, and artists access to necessary tools to elevate their enterprises. Tarte Labs will operate out of the brand’s New York City headquarters, offering support such as studio and content creation space, media templates, contract and legal document guidance, and more. This initiative, along with hiring the DEI agency Black Beauty Roster (BBR), showcases Tarte’s ongoing dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tarte has a long history of giving back, and the Shape Your Future Awards is just one of the many programs they have executed over the years. In addition to monetary contributions and in-kind donations through various charitable partnerships, Tarte engages in education initiatives such as Tartelette U, a college mentorship program, and a tradition of fulfilling teachers’ wish lists through Tarte Loves Teachers.

Applications for the Shape Your Future $300,000 Small Business Awards will open on August 1. Stay tuned for further details, which will be released on Tarte Cosmetics’ social channels. With the help of AI legalese decoder, applicants can easily navigate legal requirements and obtain guidance on contract and legal document creation, improving their chances of success in the application process.

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