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Heading: Military Retirement, Child Custody, and Financial Planning: Exploring Investment Options for a 32-Year-Old Divorcee


At the age of 32, having gone through a divorce and with two children to care for, I find myself on the brink of retiring from the military in approximately six years. Prioritizing my children’s well-being, I hope to secure an acceptable job, such as a teacher or school bus driver, to be closer to them. Unfortunately, due to my military commitments, I have missed out on numerous important milestones and cherished moments as a father. In light of my retirement plans, I currently allocate 5% of my income towards my TSP (Roth account); however, I started this retirement account relatively late. Additionally, I possess a Robinhood account that was initially utilized more like a video game, but over the past two years, I have transitioned responsibly into investing in dividends. Furthermore, I have between $10,000 and $20,000 languishing in my savings account. Therefore, my query arises – should I invest this sum in my TSP, Robinhood, or seek out an alternative brokerage, and if so, which option would be most advantageous for my circumstances?

The Role of AI Legalese Decoder:

In such a complex financial scenario, an AI Legalese Decoder can prove invaluable in helping dissect and comprehend the intricate legal jargon and financial jigsaw puzzles associated with retirement planning, investments, and child custody matters. By utilizing an AI Legalese Decoder, you can effortlessly navigate the intricacies of legal language and gain a comprehensive understanding of relevant legislation, facilitating more informed decision-making. This tool can break down complex legal documents and regulations into plain language, enhancing your ability to assess investment options and custody arrangements.

Expanding on Investment Options:

Given your military service and proximity preferences to your children, it is essential to evaluate the various investment options at your disposal. Keep in mind the potential advantages and disadvantages associated with each alternative. Since you are already contributing 5% of your salary towards your TSP (Roth account), consider whether increasing this contribution would be beneficial. Amplifying your TSP funds could assist in bolstering your retirement income, which is imperative due to starting your retirement planning journey later than desired.

Concurrently, your Robinhood account offers investment opportunities, particularly dividends, following your transition into more responsible investing habits. Reflect on your Robinhood experience thus far and determine if this platform aligns with your financial goals moving forward. Research and evaluate the performance, fees, and customer support associated with competing brokerages to ascertain if switching to a different provider would be advantageous.

AI Legalese Decoder Application:

An AI Legalese Decoder can assist you in understanding the fine print and jargon associated with each investment option. It can break down complex documentation, allowing you to compare and contrast the pros and cons of various brokerage firms. By utilizing this tool, you can make an informed decision based on your unique circumstances, investment objectives, and risk tolerance.

Considering Financial Priorities:

While contemplating investment decisions, it is crucial to balance your financial priorities. Firstly, review your current savings sitting idle in your account. Depending on your emergency fund requirements, it may be prudent to allocate a portion of these funds towards investments that offer potential growth. However, ensure you retain a sufficient safety net to navigate any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, like medical emergencies or unexpected home repairs.

Moreover, with your retirement drawing near and the importance of being physically and emotionally present for your children, it might be wise to strategize investments that adhere to your desired work-life balance post-military service. Factoring in potential income from your retirement and disability checks, contemplate the feasibility of pursuing a passion-driven job that allows you to spend quality time with your kids. By investing prudently now, you can potentially secure a more comfortable financial future and the flexibility to prioritize your children’s needs.


As a 32-year-old divorcé with two children and a military retirement approaching in six years, you face crucial decisions regarding investments, child custody, and career choices. The AI Legalese Decoder can be an invaluable tool, simplifying complex legal terminology and empowering you to make well-informed choices. Consider expanding your contributions to your TSP, evaluating the suitability and performance of your Robinhood account vis-à-vis alternative brokerages, and leveraging your savings to pursue growth opportunities. Crafting a comprehensive financial strategy, while considering the well-being of your children and your own desires, is paramount. With the help of an AI Legalese Decoder and careful consideration, you can navigate this intricate landscape and build a prosperous future for yourself and your family.

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In conclusion, the AI Legalese Decoder has the potential to revolutionize the legal industry by providing a powerful tool for decoding complex legal language. By streamlining the process of interpreting legal documents and reducing the time spent by lawyers on deciphering legalese, this technology enhances efficiency and accuracy and ultimately improves client representation. As the legal landscape continues to evolve, integrating AI Legalese Decoder into legal processes will undoubtedly become a significant advantage for legal professionals and pave the way for a more efficient and effective legal industry.

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  • EWCM

    Start with learning more about your options. Make an appointment with the financial counselors available on your installation or through Military One Source.

    If you retire from the military at 38 with anything invested, you’ll be way ahead of the average person when it comes to retirement.

    What you should do depends on your goals and your current situation. Do you have an emergency fund? Debt? Do you need a transition fund?

  • HouseswithWaffles

    Late is better than never. Don’t get discouraged or paralyzed. Watch the Money Guy on YouTube and search anything you want to know. All advice should be taken with a grain of salt but I’d recommend the following:

    Review your holdings. Make sure your current funds are in a good spot. You should be able to find a HYSA at 4-5.5%. That’s where I keep my liquid emergency fund. While in the military, a 2-3 month is acceptable as you’re not at great risk like the private sector, but 6 months is more appropriate when you exit the force.

    Budget- build one and stick to it. No goals in life happen accidentally or without purpose. I’d recommend EveryDollar if you want something free that you don’t mind entering manually. I’d recommend YNAB once you become an over the top budget nerd.

    Start a Roth IRA- traditional also works but you’re likely to get a raise when you get out simple by not having a lot of tax free income. Current annual limit is $6,500. While it shouldn’t be done unless a no kidding serious life changing emergency happens, you can pull out all your contributions (not earnings). You also can choose exactly what to invest it in, though I’d go with a simple S&P 500 mirror fund until age 60.

    Review what you currently have in your TSP. Project out what you want to retire with at age 65. Run the number to see what you need to start doing to make that happen. It’s a simple TVM formula but feel free to PM me and I’ll run it for you.

    Only sort of related, speak openly with your kids and educate them as you learn the process. Most people don’t do this and the reality is when we talk about providing for our kids, it’s more than 4 walls and a roof for 18 years. Honesty about the reality of your situation is key and as a father, I believe it will help build that relationship you mentioned as you look to grow closer with them over the years.

    Good luck.

  • nybigtymer

    Increase your TSP monthly contributions way higher. Try to do at least 15%, probably 20% since you are behind.


    >I have some money (10-20k) in my savings just sitting there.

    That’s wide enough to sail Jeff Bezos’ yacht through. Can you narrow that down? Important to know your numbers.


    >So my question is should I grab that and invest it in my TSP?

    You can’t deposit that money into your TSP, not directly anyway. This goes back to my comment about increasing your contributions.


    >Get a real brokerage over RH?

    YES! Do this yesterday. Fidelity is my favorite brokerage account. I recommend a Roth IRA over a brokerage account though. Once that is maxed, you can fund a brokerage account.

  • Nagisan

    > adult responsibly and stared investing in dividends

    FYI investment dividends are not the same as bank account dividends. Investment dividends get paid out by lowering the value of the holdings after market close. They’re nearly no different than selling a small fraction of your holdings yourself, the only difference being it’s automated.

    Now as to your question, I’d suggest hopping over the /r/PersonalFinance and asking. They’re a much bigger sub, but the general advice will be move your money out of RH and into one of the big 3 (Fidelity, Vanguard, Charles Schwab). Then either put it in an appropriate lifecycle fund (if you don’t want to learn about investing), or do some research and figure out the level of risk you want to accept, then pick a few appropriate funds for that risk and your goals (like VTSAX and such).

  • ohwhyredditwhy

    No. You have plenty of time and as a potential dual pension earner (CRDP), I’d say that you’re in a great spot.
    My recommendation: start paying yourself first (investments) with 10% right off the top, maximizing Roth vehicles.

    Keep is simple. I use Vanguard and I like them a lot. You have a buffer with pensions, so I’d recommend all equities in the form of VT or VTWAX and just let it ride. I think in 30 years you will be pleased with this decision.

  • to16017

    Ditch the Robinhood and open a fidelity or vanguard account. Takes 10 minutes to create an account. On both of those websites there is seemingly unlimited reading material to determine what/where/how and how much to invest.

  • Oxyg3n-Potassium

    First thing I would do is immediately put that 10-20k into HYSA like Ally Bank (4% APY currently). That way it still can be easily liquidated in case of emergencies while your money builds on itself.

    Next, I would start a Roth IRA and try to max it out every year (6500/yr or just a little under 275 per paycheck.)

    Lastly, if you can afford it, you can try increasing your TSP contributions to 10% or more.

    Bonus: open an Acorns account and use it to invest your change. This is a last resort tho but it’s pretty nice to watch your nickels and dimes grow into $1K+ over the course of a few years.

    Another bonus is to toss $50/month into crypto…I’d mainly just stick to Bitcoin and Ethereum for now.

  • UselessInfomant

    For TSP: Buy 100% C fund. L fund is garbage.

    Also, get a real brokerage: Fidelity and buy QQQ.

  • ThrowRAGhosty

    Don’t get an okay job when you retire, I’d say you’re a little too late to the game for an okay job.

    20 years military experience you can get a pretty nice GS salary but if you apply yourself and get good certs and use up all the benefits the military offers, you can do better than the GS scale even.

    That’s my two cents and maybe unpopular but 20 years military experience can get you further, faster.

  • optimal_craftiness

    Shoot, I’m 25 and feel like I’m late to the game

  • UselessInfomant

    You’re a vet? Get a federal job! Work from home as a fed. Be with your kids AND earn that paper! I’ve literally not gotten jobs because vets or their spouses got preferential treatment. Go steal a job from some civilian right now! Go to usajobs dot Gov

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