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Rising Senior Makes Connections Between Quantitative Business and Nonprofit Data and Pandemic Trends

By: Meghan Kita Monday, August 7, 2023 10:23 AM

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Jenny Maxwell ’24 and Assistant Professor of Business Greg Collins. Photo by Lizard Foley ’24

One reason Jenny Maxwell ’24 wanted to engage in summer research on how COVID-19 rates and mitigation measures affected businesses and nonprofits is because of the profound impact the pandemic had on her own experience. She arrived at Muhlenberg from Liberia in August 2020, when only first-year students and a few others were allowed on campus, and when courses were being conducted remotely. The significant challenges she faced both culturally and academically during that time sparked her interest in understanding the effects on businesses.

Fortunately, Assistant Professor of Business Greg Collins played a crucial role in inspiring Maxwell’s project. Earlier this year, he invited her to assist in his research, which examined the impact of school consolidation (the consolidation of two or more school districts) on businesses in Arkansas. This experience equipped Maxwell with the necessary skills to undertake her own research, including the use of tools like R, Tableau, QGIS, and Excel, and exposed her to the vast datasets available through the U.S. Census Bureau, one of the sources she is utilizing for her summer research.

Maxwell’s research primarily focuses on quantifying various factors such as the number of businesses within a county, the number of employees, and annual payroll. She is also analyzing data from other sources relating to nonprofits and COVID-19 rates and mitigation measures, including school closures, business closures, and mask mandates. To ensure the manageability of her project, she has limited her analysis to six states: Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Ohio. These states were selected due to their proximity and the variation in their responses to the pandemic.

Maxwell describes her research experience as eye-opening, as she often discovers unexpected insights or new avenues of investigation. Her discoveries have led to an increased appreciation for research, an interest she had not previously considered pursuing in her future career. She now aspires to conduct graduate research and contribute to projects aimed at addressing complex global issues. Despite the intensity of the research process, Maxwell thoroughly enjoys it and is eager to continue in this field.

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