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Discovery of Greenland’s Ancient Climate Revealed by Long-Lost Ice Cores

The Significance of the Study

A recent study has provided groundbreaking information about Greenland’s ancient climate by analyzing long-lost ice cores that were obtained during a secret army mission known as Project Iceworm. Led by researchers Lyle B. Hansen and Chester Langway, the study challenges previous assumptions that Greenland has always been covered in ice. The findings suggest that 416,000 years ago, the ice sheet had melted, causing sea levels to rise by five to 20 feet compared to when the sheet was frozen.

These findings have significant implications for our current climate situation. With the ice sheet being more sensitive to global warming than previously believed, experts predict that if climate change continues at its current pace, the Greenland ice sheet could completely melt in the coming centuries. This would result in a sea level rise of anywhere from five to 20 feet, posing serious threats to coastal cities and low-lying areas.

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