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**Revolut to Wrap Up Crypto Services in the United States Amid Regulatory Uncertainty**

Cryptocurrency-friendly trading neobank Revolut is taking the step to wrap up its crypto services in the United States due to ongoing regulatory uncertainty. In an attempt to navigate this uncertain landscape, Revolut recently announced the partial delisting of certain digital assets from its platform. However, the company has now decided to suspend all crypto services for U.S. users. According to a statement provided to Cointelegraph on Aug. 4, Revolut, along with its U.S. banking partner, will be working to gradually suspend access to crypto through its platform, starting from Sept. 2, 2023. Ultimately, on Oct. 3, Revolut will completely shut down crypto services, disabling U.S. customers from buying, selling, or holding any cryptocurrencies.

To address any concerns and questions that may arise from this decision, Revolut has emphasized that its dedicated support team is available to assist U.S. crypto customers via their in-app chat. While the decision to exit the U.S. market will only impact “just 1%” of Revolut’s global crypto customers, the company acknowledges the disappointment this may cause.

It is worth noting that Revolut will continue to operate its non-crypto business in the United States, emphasizing their commitment to providing other financial services to their American customers.

With the increasing regulatory challenges faced by crypto services in the United States, the situation extends beyond just Revolut. Other major players in the industry, such as, have also had to suspend services to institutional clients in the U.S. due to regulatory constraints.

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