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Former Fenner Fire Station in Fredonia Finds New Owner

The former Fenner Fire Station in Fredonia has recently been sold for a total of $825,000. This iconic building, located at 33 Church St., housed the local fire department for many years. However, it has now been transformed into a hub for various businesses. The restaurant Dupers, Express Employment Professionals, HBKS Wealth Advisors, and Salon Belle Vie, a full-service hair salon, have made this building their new home.

In addition to the Fenner Fire Station, several other commercial properties in Chautauqua County were sold during the period of April 11 to 20. Cattaraugus County Bank sold their former location at 870 Fairmount Ave. in Ellicott to Mitchener Realty, LLC for a price of $700,000. This property is set to be the new location of Southern Tier Dentistry, a dental practice owned by Dr. James Mitchener. Furthermore, 600 Fairmount Ave., the former home of Hollyloft Ski and Bike business, was purchased by 225 Enterprises, LLC for $497,000. The owners of Hollyloft, Les and Cheryl Johnson, recently announced the closure of their business in December 2020 after 42 years of operation. The future use of the property has not yet been revealed.

Another notable sale took place in Westfield, where two downtown locations found new owners. Ogden Newspapers of New York, Inc. sold their former location at 39-41 East Main St. to John and Suzanne Mckay for $125,000. Suzanne’s at Overton, a new antique business, now occupies this space. Moreover, Michelle Jungquist and Billy Miller sold 19 N. Portage St. to RC Design and Development, LLC for $165,000. This location was previously home to The Living Room Wine and Cheese Bar.

In Jamestown, A Taste From Above, a popular eatery at 522 E. Second St., was sold to Reliance Enterprises VI, Inc. for $110,000. Meanwhile, S and P Johnson, LLC sold Crouch’s Garage, located at 2 E. Main St. in Panama, to Hammond Family, LLC for $60,000. This sale marks the end of a 40-year era for Crouch’s Garage.

These sales are just a few examples of the real estate transactions that took place from April 11 to 20 in Chautauqua County. Overall, seven sales reached prices of $250,000 or higher, while the remaining four sales ranged from $60,000 to $980,000.

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