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TCL P745: Affordable 98-inch 4K TV on the Horizon

Who wants a 98-inch 4K TV? The answer, of course, is anyone who has a room big enough for one. And fortunately, TCL is helping to push 98-inch TVs down to affordable levels with its new P745 model in Europe.

The TCL P745 is slated to launch in late August or early September for Ôé¼2,800, which converts to around $3,100 / ┬ú2,400 / AU$4,600. Not exactly cheap, but also not bad for a 100/120Hz LCD panel with HDMI 2.1 ports and 144Hz VRR (variable refresh rate).

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Nikon Zf: Full-Frame Camera Coming Soon

It’s a good week to be a Nikon camera fan. Ever since the Nikon Z fc was launched in July 2021, camera fans have been asking why it wasn’t a full-frame camera. Well, it sounds like Nikon has listened to those pleas, because the Nikon Zf has now been tipped to land within the next few days.

Like the Z fc, the Zf is expected to be heavily inspired by the Nikon FM2 from 1982, a camera that was renowned for being nigh-on indestructible. Hopefully, Nikon will add a bit more of that build quality this time, and sprinkle it with its latest autofocus tech.

If so, it could definitely have a winner on its hands, given the Fujifilm X100V remains largely sold out due to the popularity of classic film camera design.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring: A Health-Tracking Wearable on the Horizon

It’s starting to sound like Samsung is getting serious about making a rival to the health-tracking Oura ring. A new report suggests that mass production on a Samsung Galaxy Ring could begin as early as August. The bad news? It still probably won’t launch until 2024.

We’re certainly fans of the Galaxy Ring’s name. The TechRadar team thinks it sounds like everything from an anime attack to someone you could use with four other elemental ringbearers to become Captain Galaxy.

But it could be equally fun for health-tracking, too. In a Galaxy Ring trademark filing, it was described as a smart device “for measuring health indicators and/or sleep in the form of ringÔÇØ. And that’d fit nicely alongside the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, which has an increasing focus on sleep.

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