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Understanding the Bitcoin Economy: A New Framework by Ark Invest and Glassnode


Investment firm Ark Invest and blockchain security firm Glassnode have recently introduced a conceptual framework that aims to shed light on the Bitcoin economy amidst the ongoing bear market. Titled “Cointime Economics: A New Framework For Bitcoin On-chain Analysis,” the whitepaper presents a toolkit for comprehending the economic realities of Bitcoin in a unique way. Co-authored by David Puell and James Check, the paper provides insights into the differences between the current unspent transaction (UTXO) and a new model called cointime, which evaluates the “real economic weight of a Bitcoin.”

The Cointime Economics Approach

The cointime economics approach focuses on the significance of a Bitcoin based on the last time it was moved. It introduces the concept of a “coinblock,” which multiplies the number of Bitcoins by the number of blocks produced while the Bitcoin remains unmoved. In simpler terms, if 10 coins are held during the creation of 10 blocks, this results in 100 coinblocks. By analyzing coinblock destruction, the whitepaper suggests that long-term holders may be selling their Bitcoins, indicating smart money investors who often possess larger Bitcoin balances and generate higher profits.

New Metrics for Bitcoin Analysis

The paper introduces two new metrics for analyzing Bitcoin’s economic state: “liveliness” and “vaultedness.” Liveliness measures the activity level of the network, indicating how frequently coins are moved or destroyed. On the other hand, vaultedness refers to the number of coins that are stored and signifies the inactivity of the protocol. These metrics provide a valuable perspective on Bitcoin’s economic importance over time.

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Bitcoin Faces Hurdles Before Next Bull Run

While understanding the Bitcoin economy is crucial, it is important to acknowledge the obstacles Bitcoin must overcome before experiencing its next bull run. One significant challenge is its macroeconomic predicament. In a rising interest rate environment, investors tend to flock towards risk-free assets that offer reliable yields. Bitcoin, lacking intrinsic value and cash flow generation potential, struggles to compete with Treasury bills or cash in this regard.

In addition to macroeconomic headwinds, Bitcoin needs to prove its use case beyond being solely an investment vehicle. Although Bitcoin is considered a highly disruptive technology, most individuals are primarily interested in holding the asset and hoping for price appreciation, rather than actively utilizing it. However, the upcoming halvening event in April 2024 presents a bullish argument for Bitcoin. This event, historically preceding market rallies, involves a reduction in the rewards earned by Bitcoin miners.

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