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Unified Bank Hosts Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce’s Beans and Business Networking Event

On Thursday, Unified Bank hosted the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce’s quarterly Beans and Business event in Martins Ferry, Ohio. This business networking event aims to bring together business owners and professionals in the area and showcase all that Martins Ferry has to offer.

The Beans and Business event, which took place for the third time this year, continues to grow in popularity each quarter. Don Feenerty, the Executive of Unified Community Development, expressed his excitement about the event’s growth.

The gathering provided an opportunity for local business leaders, chamber office representatives, and city officials to network and discuss the impact of social media on local business-customer connections. Feenerty emphasized the importance of both online and in-person interactions, stating that while social media has become a valuable tool for business promotion, nothing can replace face-to-face interactions among business professionals.

The Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting business expansion in the area and throughout Belmont County along the Ohio River. Vice President Dan Stephens of Dan Stephens State Farm highlighted the chamber’s collaboration with local businesses, city officials, and community leaders to identify and support local growth opportunities.

Representatives from various local businesses attended the event, including East Ohio Regional Hospital, Ferry Hardware, Ohio Valley Printing, Kendall Behavioral Solutions, DeFelice Bros. Pizza, as well as law firms and insurance agencies. The event was complemented by baked goods provided by Yorkville Bakery.

During his speech at the event, Craig Bommer, the area president at iHeartMedia, emphasized the significance of establishing long-term relationships with customers and the community. He stressed that trust and honesty are essential in any business endeavor.

Bommer shared his own experience, mentioning that strong relationships, both within and outside of his company, have played a pivotal role in his career success. He previously held the position of vice president of business operations for the Wheeling Nailers before joining iHeartMedia.

Mayor John Davies expressed pride in the businesses and community leaders within Martins Ferry. He welcomes opportunities to share the city’s success story with other communities.

For those interested in learning more about business opportunities in Martins Ferry or joining the chamber, contact the Martins Ferry Chamber of Commerce at 740-633-2565.

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