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Windows Users Will No Longer Be Able to Use the Cortana Standalone Application

If you are one of the few Windows users who is using the Cortana standalone application for Windows, you will soon no longer be able to do so. This change is due to a recent update in the Cortana application in the latest Windows 11 Insider build, which marks the end of Cortana’s short reign on Windows.

When launched, instead of providing its usual functionality, Cortana now displays “Cortana in Windows as a standalone app is deprecated.”

A support page, “End of support for Cortana in Windows,” confirms Microsoft’s plan to deprecate Cortana starting in August 2023. However, the company also emphasizes that there are other tools and apps available that offer “powerful productivity features.” This includes Windows Copilot and Microsoft 365 Copilot, as well as the new Bing and voice access in Windows 11.

While the standalone Cortana app is going away, Cortana will still be available in several of Microsoft’s other products, such as Outlook mobile, Teams mobile, Microsoft Teams display, and Microsoft Teams rooms.

The announcement of this deprecation was made by Microsoft in early June 2023, with plans to implement it later in the year.

The current version of the deprecated Cortana app is 4.2308.1005.0. However, the stable and some development builds feature version 4.2204.13303.0. The silver lining in this situation is that users will be able to uninstall the Cortana application once it has reached deprecation status. Previously, Microsoft locked the uninstallation of Cortana, which could have caused issues for users.

Users of stable versions of Windows will have to wait a bit longer before Cortana is deprecated on their devices. Currently, the change is only present in the latest Canary build of Windows 11, and it will typically move to other development builds before becoming part of the stable version.

It is worth noting that the Cortana app update comes from the Microsoft Store, so it does not require a specific Windows update installation.

Windows Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered helper tool, appears to be the main replacement for Cortana in Windows 11. Although its current version lacks some Windows-specific features, this is subject to change before the official release of the tool.

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