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Heading: Assessment of Excessive Quote and Applicability of AI Legalese Decoder in Resolve

Inquiry regarding Excessiveness of a Quote and Assistance from AI Legalese Decoder for Australian Taxation

Background Information:
As a non-resident for tax purposes in Australia, I recently sold a property and currently need to address the complex Capital Gains Tax (CGT) related matters. However, uncertain about the reasonability of the quote received, I am seeking guidance on whether it exceeds a reasonable amount. Furthermore, I would like to explore potential cost estimates for the aforementioned services.

Residence in Melbourne:
I am currently residing in Melbourne, a bustling city in Australia, which plays a significant role in the context of my taxation requirements.

Evaluation of the Quote:
Evaluating the reasonability of a given quote is essential in ensuring fair and just pricing for the necessary legal services. While I am not a tax expert, it is crucial to consider factors such as the complexity of the CGT situation and the expertise required to resolve it. Consequently, obtaining assistance from an AI Legalese Decoder can prove invaluable in providing an objective evaluation of whether the quoted amount is excessive or falls within a reasonable range.

Benefits of AI Legalese Decoder:
The AI Legalese Decoder, an innovative tool in the realm of legal and tax matters, offers several advantages that can help in the aforementioned situation:

1. Comprehensive Understanding: With its immense capacity for data processing, the AI Legalese Decoder can meticulously analyze the intricacies of CGT regulations and associated complexities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the relevant legal framework.

2. Cost Assessment: By expanding our knowledge base and offering in-depth insights, the AI Legalese Decoder can assist in estimating more accurately the potential costs involved in resolving the CGT matters. This can help individuals make informed decisions and better plan their financial commitments.

3. Objective Evaluation: Leveraging advanced algorithms, the AI Legalese Decoder can provide an unbiased assessment of the reasonability of a quote, considering factors such as industry standards, legal requirements, and specific circumstances. This ensures individuals are not subjected to exorbitant fees, fostering transparency and fairness in legal transactions.

4. Time Efficiency: AI technologies expedite processes, and the AI Legalese Decoder is no exception. By analyzing vast amounts of data swiftly and efficiently, it significantly reduces the time required to evaluate the complexity of CGT situations, helping individuals make prompt decisions and resolve their taxation matters promptly.

In conclusion, residing in Melbourne, Australia, as a non-resident for tax purposes, I seek assistance in addressing complex CGT matters while evaluating the reasonability of a quote received. Utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder can greatly aid in this situation, offering a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements, fair assessment of costs, unbiased evaluation of quotes, and overall efficiency in dealing with taxation matters.

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  • Wooden_Emotion_7588

    That sounds like a ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt want to do this work so I will quote highÔÇØ.

  • cberg86

    Maybe $2k if itÔÇÖs complicated but $7k is taking you for a ride.

  • AII11C

    In my industry weÔÇÖd call that a ÔÇ£bugger off quoteÔÇØ

  • Lost_Negotiation_385

    I am an accountant. I think $7k is a bit over the top. They are probably trying to quote high to refuse your work. 1/3 of accounting firms in Australia are understaffed at the moment.

  • Australian_stallion

    It’s high because they don’t want to do the work so find someone else

  • takentryanotheruser

    Are we talking hundreds of CGT events or one? If itÔÇÖs one youÔÇÖre being over quoted by a factor of 10.

  • FinalNemesis

    Sorting out some complex cgt basically means no one can answer your question without more info. $7k ‘sounds’ high but without knowing the work it’s impossible to properly say. Source: I used to be a tax agent.

  • SimplyJabba

    It sounds excessive, but often people donÔÇÖt know exactly what the specific accounting/tax words mean (and this is in no way being rude to you OP, but have encountered clients who think they are explaining their situation, but really donÔÇÖt quite understand the specifics – which is totally fine! A good accountant should make it somewhat easy to understand in laymanÔÇÖs terms)

    Is it one individual tax return? Is the CGT event in a non-individual entity such as a company or trust? Etc.

    As others have said, at face value it does sound more like a ÔÇ£canÔÇÖt be assedÔÇØ situation for sure.

  • Siongmau


    Care to elaborate?

    Complex meaning its complicated no? If you want cheap go to H&R block .

  • tony543210

    Despite being a high quote on the face of it, a lot more context is needed to determine whether it’s reasonable. Some issues to consider:

    – Was the quote from a ‘big 4’ accounting firm?: These firms have huge hourly charge out rates, particularly when partner’s and directors are involved. Better off engaging with a mid tier firm where expertise is still high, but rates are more reasonable.

    – Materiality of the transaction: If tens of millions are involved, I’d pay a premium for top level advice.

    – Tax implications in your ‘home’ country: There is bound to be tax implications in your ‘home’ country (where you are a tax resident). Assuming it’s an Australian property, you are likely to pay tax here and in your ‘home’ country, and claim a tax credit.

    – Are you actually a non resident for Australian tax?: You mention you live in Melb. If you have established, or show an intention to establish an abode in Australia, you may be considered a tax resident here, in which case you may also be considered a dual resident for tax purposes. Determining whether you have established an abode in Australia is dealt in the section of the law that outlines Double Tax Agreements and Tax Treaties.

    – Calculation of cost base: Depends on the quality of the records on file etc.

    – Calculation of consideration (sale price): Market value substitution rules kick in if the price you received was significantly less than market value.

    > small business CGT concessions

    – Private tax rulings: To clarify and confirm a tax position, your accountant may have felt that a private tax ruling may be necessary.

    It’s been over 10 years since I worked in tax, so there’s probably a load of other relevant issues that may be applicable. In any case, ask exactly why the quote is what it is. Perhaps Ask them to prepare an breakdown of the quote.

    Best of luck.

  • Historical_Might_86

    ItÔÇÖs hard to gauge how much work is involved just from ÔÇ£sort out some complex CGT.ÔÇØ

    It could be to account for time calculating the CGT discount because youÔÇÖre a non-resident. It could be for calculating the correct cost base.

    It depends also on the quality of information that you have. If the accountant needs to dig information, have to go through different documents, boxes of receipts, it will take time.

    Complex also means a more senior staff member will need to be involved in the work. A senior staff member will have a higher charge out rate.

    It also depends on the level of risk. If itÔÇÖs a higher risk matter, then the accountant would want to charge a bit more.

    For a non-accountant, it looks like itÔÇÖs just filling out forms but thereÔÇÖs a lot of work and documentation that needs to be done in the background to do a proper job.

    The best person to ask would be the accountant that quoted you. Ask why the fee is so high.

  • silversurfer022

    Depends entirely on your financial situation.

  • lililster

    Wow. Maybe he was quoting you on your tax return?!

  • Warm-Tear658

    Did the $7k include the CGT?

  • Fetch1965

    Get more quotes then. Did it include tax advice as you are a foreign resident for tax?

  • Kind_Ordinary_8959

    Don’t tell me – it’s Maddern Financial? Absolute scammers.

  • longstreakof

    Depends on the complex CGT issue, get a second opinion from a decent size firm. DonÔÇÖt go with Barry Basic.

  • Kbradsagain

    Is this a business return including end of year financials along with personal tax. If this is the case,$7k is reasonable. If itÔÇÖs just an individual return,even with CGT, that seems a bit excessive

  • hungryb4dinner

    Probably need more information on this property and complex CGT issue?

    Is it overseas? Did you do things to the property? Are there easy to access records etc? Issues with you not being an Australian resident?

    But I do agree they probably don’t want to do the job 😀 Maybe still hung up on 2022 lodgments 😀

  • The_Pharoah

    hell no. Always shop around.

  • Minimalist12345678

    There’s a lot of risk (of the project becoming quite large and time consuming, or of ATO attention) in there.

    “Not an Australian resident”

    “Have to sort out”

    “Complex CGT”

    Pricing is always proportionate to risk.

  • Alect0

    I once had to manually enter three shopping bags of unsorted receipts and hand written invoices for a BAS into accounting software for a chipper including work out what tarter sauce they’d made there v bought (as the latter attracted GST but the former did not). We charged $2k for this. I’m really struggling to see how your situation involving one property could have been $5k more onerous than this…

    I also had to have a very long argument with a client about why he couldn’t claim buying pornography videos at hotels on a work road trip because his “wife didn’t come with him”. That was only a few hundred as well.

  • Aydhayeth1

    I got quoted $200!

    $2k for a small business.
    $7k is an absolute rort.

  • TheEarlySeller

    Sounds like you have crappy records

  • globex6000

    The most I had to pay was $1,500 and that was to handle an ATO audit.

  • xylarr

    The only time I had a high bill was when I engaged an accountant to catch up with 10 years of returns. Had shares – so some CGT work required. I think it was only about $3500

  • Cant_Plop_This

    My ex wife and I were told we should get lawyers to help us fill out a form for a court order. We were quoted 4k each. Someone on FB and a friend helped us fit it in and it went through no problem

  • Emmanulla70

    Thatd exhorbitant!!! Tell that accountant to shove it

  • Old_Dingo69

    I think we paid under $1000 for a similar thing done three years ago

  • soshiha

    If you go to those instant tax places, they charge 10% or so of your refund but give you the cash same day. If you’re getting 70k back, could be legit. Did you go to one of these places?

    Otherwise can pay far less for the regular service and wait the 2 weeks for the ato to process it.

  • Illustrious_Crew_715

    I paid $160 last time I got my tax done

  • infinite123456

    The most I got billed for was 150 that seems a bit excessive

  • devoker35

    Non resident selling property, money laundering?

  • DK_Son

    Nigerian princes have asked me for less. If you think you’re getting ripped, call a few other agents. Don’t mention the previous quote. Just ask if they can quote the price of a lodgement, and what your biggest claims/issues are. If you called a big firm, call another big firm, and 1-2 random tax agents. TBH the best experiences I have had are with small agents who work from home, or out of small offices. But that’s just my experience.

  • boythinks

    My tax accountant charges me $150 each year.

    7k is something else….

  • Dry-Faithlessness655

    Got another quote

  • Furzan95

    My wife and I pay $150 each for our tax accountant ­ƒÿå

  • lasagnwich

    I pay 500 per year

  • maycontainsultanas

    I wouldnÔÇÖt want to be paying any tax at all if I was paying an accountant $7k

  • rare_strain017

    Can you provide more info on what needs to be done? ThatÔÇÖs about it doesnÔÇÖt really make sense sorry. I mean you probably are being over quoted, but by this much is odd. It would put their business at risk, you could easily give them a bad review that the public would see.

  • EpicBattleAxe

    7k seems excessive.

  • RedDotLot

    It sounds excessive. That’s a rate perhaps on the low side but not unheard of to prepare financial statements and tax returns and submit BAS returns quarterly for a small business.

  • NewFarmNinja

    I’d get another quote or 2 to have something to compare it with. It seems bloody high

  • vanslayder

    You should have done some Al Capone kind of shit to be quoted that much

  • Fluid_Can_3412

    Are you Kerry Stokes? If so itÔÇÖs probably a good deal.

  • Plus-Forever7485

    Your accountant does not want to do it and is taxing you so that if he does do it he makes stupid money and takes that money from a stupid person . DonÔÇÖt be the stupid person.

  • Gloomy-Leek2776

    Maybe that’s code for ‘you should be engaging a lawyer’

  • Fresh_Pomegranates

    Is it a commercial property? Small business concessions? Complex multiple moves in and out of a PPR?
    It may be quite reasonable, or it may be over the top. ItÔÇÖs hard to say based off a vague ÔÇ£some complex CGTÔÇØ. If it involved s private ruling request then itÔÇÖs quite reasonable.
    If youÔÇÖre concerned, get a second opinion.