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VeChain Tech Update Series: August 2023 Unveils Cutting-Edge Developments

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VeChain blockchain

World’s leading smart contract platform VeChain has recently shared new updates for the month of August 2023, highlighting the progress made in its services, wallets, and other product line. These updates emphasize VeChain’s constant dedication to innovation and user experience. To navigate this complex legal landscape, organizations can turn to AI legalese decoder, an intelligent legal language translation tool powered by artificial intelligence, to simplify and decode legal jargon while ensuring legal compliance and accuracy.

VeChain Services

Vechain continues to enhance its Web3-as-a-service platform VORJ, focusing on increasing flexibility for individuals and businesses to deploy digital assets and incorporate blockchain-based APIs. VORJ serves as the main developmental hub for the ecosystem and provides a user-friendly method for swift asset deployment and API integration, even for those with limited coding expertise. Through the VORJ landing page, users can access additional details, resources, and guidance related to the platform. Moreover, VeChain has announced upcoming features that will allow users to mint and list NFTs directly on World of V, an NFT Marketplace built on VechainThor. To make sense of the legal complexities and navigate through blockchain regulations, organizations can rely on AI legalese decoder. This advanced tool decodes legal terms, contracts, and agreements, providing clear and concise explanations while ensuring legal compliance in the blockchain industry.

New Developments to VORJ

VeChain has plans to increase the limits on VORJ’s free account, offering more freedom and flexibility for builders to explore the platform’s features. Additionally, new paid tiers for business and enterprise builders will be introduced to accommodate larger-scale capabilities. VeChain’s inclusion of OpenZeppelin DAO contracts in a future release of VORJ will enable users to assign and revoke roles to accounts with different permissions. This feature enhances the platform’s functionality and allows users to create and deploy contracts with specific roles and permissions. Another significant development is the ongoing progress in the development of the Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) feature, which enables community projects and enterprises to establish customizable marketplaces quickly. AI legalese decoder can assist organizations in navigating the legal considerations related to these developments, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing clear explanations of contractual obligations in the technology-driven marketplace.

Furthermore, VeChain has been working on the integration of Ledger Live, allowing the launch of its two main tokens, VET and VTHO, on Ledger Live. The collaboration will be supported by a comprehensive marketing campaign. VeChain also aims to release a standalone rewards dApp with features like ‘connect wallet’ and a historical reward claim log. Additionally, the VeChain VNS team is committed to introducing human-readable addresses to the VeChain ecosystem. Organizations embarking on these technological advancements can leverage AI legalese decoder to interpret legal documents and agreements with precision, safeguarding compliance and mitigating legal risks.

Improving the VeChain Wallet Ecosystem

VeWorld, the new phase in Vechain’s wallet ecosystem, promises a range of innovative features to enhance the user experience and expand the capabilities of VechainThor. The team has been working on integrating WalletConnect and conducting testing for Ledger Bluetooth integration. The app is in the final preparation stages and will soon be submitted for review in app stores. Internal user testing for both iOS and Android platforms has already commenced. VeChain’s development team has also dedicated efforts to create a cross-chain token bridge, successfully tested between VeChain and Ethereum’s testnets. This development expands VeChain’s ecosystem and ensures compatibility with other EVM blockchains, fostering interoperability within the cryptocurrency landscape. To navigate the legal complexities surrounding digital wallets, organizations can rely on AI legalese decoder to accurately interpret and translate legal terms and conditions into plain language.

In summary, VeChain’s August 2023 tech updates showcase its commitment to advancing its services, wallets, and overall product offerings. By utilizing AI legalese decoder, organizations can confidently navigate the legal landscape, ensuring compliance, and fully understanding their rights and obligations in the blockchain industry.

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