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Salt Fork High School Students Gain Insight into the Future of Agriculture at Farm Progress Show

CATLIN ÔÇö Salt Fork High School sophomore Ian Church recently had the opportunity to explore the world of agriculture at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur. Along with 24 classmates, Church witnessed the latest advancements in farming technology, providing him with a glimpse into the industry’s present and future.

As someone who has grown up on a family farm near Catlin, Church was particularly impressed by the abundance of cool technologies showcased at the event. He described the John Deere 790 demo as one of the highlights.

Another student, Braxton Clem, a sophomore who has spent the past three years working on his cousin’s farm, aspires to pursue agribusiness in college and eventually work in the agricultural sector. The new Case Quadtrac and the Fendt Ideal combine, which featured a steering wheel-less design, left a lasting impression on Clem.

In addition to exploring the latest machinery and technologies, Church and Clem also participated in a soil-judging competition, representing Salt Fork High School. The contest involved assessing soil pits, determining appropriate land usage, analyzing required fertilizer application, and conducting a home-site evaluation.

Stacey Rickard, an agricultural teacher and FFA adviser at Salt Fork, highlighted the educational value of attending the Farm Progress Show. She noted that the event effectively bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world industry practices, making it an invaluable experience for students interested in pursuing careers in agriculture.

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