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Heading: Black Business Month Commemorates Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs

In 2004, historian John William Templeton and engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr. founded Black Business Month, an annual event dedicated to celebrating and recognizing Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. This month-long celebration aims to promote overall economic growth and address the challenges faced by Black business owners.

Heading: Singer Normani Supports Buy From a Black Woman Inspire Tour

To kick off the Black Business Month celebration, singer Normani made an appearance at the Buy From a Black Woman Inspire tour in Los Angeles on July 22. During the event, Normani highlighted the significant contribution of Black women in starting businesses. She emphasized that despite their entrepreneurial spirit, Black women business owners face a lack of support and awareness, resulting in disproportionately smaller annual sales compared to all women-owned businesses. Normani showed her support for BFABW, an organization that empowers, educates, and inspires Black women business owners and their supporters.

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Heading: Collaboration Between BFABW and H&M Empowers Black Business Owners

BFABW and H&M have joined forces for the third consecutive year to organize the Inspire tour, which brings pop-up stores to cities across the U.S. This collaboration aims to spotlight Black woman-owned businesses and local vendors. The tour not only highlights these businesses but also offers workshops, grants, stipends, and accelerator programs to support Black business owners.

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Heading: Representation Challenges Faced by Black Women in Fashion and Beauty Industry

The Buy From a Black Woman effort also focuses on supporting Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry. Marrisa Wilson, the founder and creative director of her namesake fashion brand, expressed the challenge faced by Black women in the industry. While often serving as a muse and inspiration, Black women are not often seen in positions of thought leadership or as the voices of fashion brands.

Chaz Giles, the founder of Revea, a skincare brand, echoed Wilson’s sentiment, emphasizing that access to capital, distribution, and talent is limited for many Black entrepreneurs due to historical barriers. Giles created Revea to address the lack of skincare products specifically formulated for melanated skin.

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Heading: Amplifying Black-Owned Brands Through Community Support

Celebrating Black Business Month goes beyond merely purchasing products from Black-owned brands. It also involves amplifying these brands through social media and word of mouth. Community support plays a vital role in showcasing the work of Black entrepreneurs and showing their deserving of recognition and support in the industry.

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