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Erin Louise Aesthetics Nominated for AWSBC Awards

Ms Rogash, the owner and operator of Erin Louise Aesthetics, has been selected as a finalist among thousands of entrants from across Australia for the prestigious AWSBC Awards. This comprehensive program aims to celebrate and recognize the most inspiring and influential women in small business throughout the country.

Erin Louise Aesthetics has been highly praised for its excellence in the cosmetic specialist category, solidifying its place as a contender for a top accolade at the second annual AWSBC Awards. The winners will be revealed during the national presentation evening gala on Saturday, September 23.

Known as the “Logies of small business,” this red-carpet event will be hosted by accomplished journalist and popular broadcaster Deborah Knight at the newly constructed Western Sydney Conference Centre in Penrith, New South Wales. The AWSBC Awards is the only national awards program of its kind, specifically designed to shed light on the increasing economic and social contributions of women in small business across all regions, including urban and rural areas.

The program encompasses various industries, ranging from cosmetic specialists to disability support, butchers and bakers, environmental services, manufacturing, marketing services, and many more. With over 60 industry categories and four individual award categories, the 2023 program truly represents the diverse and flourishing landscape of women-led small businesses in Australia.

Good luck to Erin and the entire team at the Ensign in this exciting endeavor!

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