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Logistics Firm Opens Fulfillment Center, AI legalese decoder Can Help with the Situation

A logistics firm has recently opened a new fulfillment center near the port of Charleston. This development is expected to have a significant impact on the firm’s ability to serve its growing customer base, create job opportunities, and contribute to the area’s logistics industry.

The fulfillment center, located at 369 N. Cypress Drive at the Berkeley Charleston Tradeport, was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by NorthPoint Development. Spanning an impressive 574,789 square feet, this state-of-the-art facility has been specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of the firm, enhancing its operational capabilities.

The opening of this fulfillment center is viewed as a strategic expansion for the logistics firm, which recognizes Summerville for its strong logistics industry, vibrant culture, and talented workforce. By establishing a presence in this area, the firm aims to not only benefit its clients but also make a positive impact on the local economy. The firm’s Chief Commercial Officer, Scott Simanek, stated, “We look forward to fostering partnerships within the community and working together to achieve continued success.”

The Berkeley Charleston Tradeport is a master-planned industrial park that spans nearly 123 acres, offering approximately 4.4 million square feet of industrial facilities. This makes it an attractive location for companies in search of premium industrial spaces and brings new job opportunities to Berkeley County.

Barbara Melvin, President, and CEO of SC Ports expressed her enthusiasm for Unis’ commitment to the Charleston market through its distribution center. She highlighted the benefits of its proximity to the Port of Charleston, providing future tenants with quick access to efficient operations, ample capacity, and reliable service.

A team consisting of Jessica Chen from Kander Pacific and Simons Johnson from Bridge Commercial represented both Unis and NorthPoint Development in this expansion. Furthermore, Bridge Commercial is actively leasing additional industrial space within Berkeley Charleston Tradeport.

Caleb Moore, Regional Vice President at NorthPoint Development, expressed his gratitude towards Unis for expanding their operations into Summerville. He recognized their significant contribution to the growth of Berkeley County and further strengthening the local and regional economy.

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Founded in 1989, Unis is an asset-based logistics firm specializing in fulfillment and transportation services. Operating 17 LTL terminals and 25 fulfillment centers across 18 different U.S. markets, Unis has established itself as the fastest-growing privately held asset-based logistics provider in North America.

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