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Portland Business Organization Retains Interim Director for Long-Term Position

After serving as the interim executive director of Business for a Better Portland, Stephen Green, a seasoned entrepreneur, will continue leading the organization. Green took up the temporary role earlier this year when the previous executive director, Karin Power, was appointed as an advisor to Gov. Tina Kotek. During his time as the interim leader, Green developed a deep passion for the position and expressed his excitement to continue advocating for small businesses as well.

Green’s background as an economist and his vocal support for BIPOC-owned local businesses make him an invaluable asset to Business for a Better Portland. He was one of the founding members of the organization and has prior experience working with Prosper Portland, the city’s economic development arm. Additionally, Green is a business owner himself, has led a startup, and holds leadership roles in other initiatives such as Pitch Black and Built Oregon.

Green emphasized the significance of small businesses in shaping the identity of Portland. He believes that these independent businesses play a critical role in the city’s recovery from the pandemic and hopes to use his position to raise public awareness and foster stronger relationships between local businesses, the public sector, and philanthropy.

Founded in 2017 with the goal of increasing engagement among business leaders in public policy discussions, Business for a Better Portland facilitates connections between its members, city leaders, and philanthropists. Alongside fostering relationships, the organization offers educational workshops to equip members with new skills and tools.

In his permanent role, Green aims to mobilize the local business community in finding solutions to the city’s challenges. He intends to establish Business for a Better Portland as a credible voice for the local business community, representing their concerns and ideas in policy discussions with the city.

Green further emphasized the organization’s focus on becoming a respected and influential voice within the business community, representing businesses of all sizes.

–Kristine de Leon; [email protected]

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