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Auto mobile retail sales in India experienced a significant boost in July, with a 10% annual growth rate across passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, and commercial vehicles, according to industry body FADA. This growth is attributed to robust sales in all segments, indicating a positive trend in the automobile retail industry.

Specifically, two-wheeler retail sales saw an 8% rise to 12,28,139 units in July compared to the same period last year. Additionally, passenger vehicle sales increased by 4% to 2,84,064 units, showcasing a steady growth rate. The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) lauded the introduction of new products and timely OEM supplies, which contributed to the surge in orders.

However, FADA president Manish Raj Singhania highlighted that sales were impacted by severe monsoons and flood-like situations in North India. Despite the challenges, SUVs remained a popular choice for buyers, showing a consistent demand for this vehicle segment.

In terms of specific sales figures, commercial vehicle retail sales rose by 2% year-on-year to 73,065 units. The CV segment displayed mixed dynamics, with factors such as weather conditions and high vehicle costs affecting demand. Conversely, three-wheeler sales rose by an impressive 74% year-on-year, while tractor sales witnessed a healthy growth of 21% in July.

Looking ahead, FADA remains cautious about the business outlook. The organization is hopeful about retail growth prospects, especially with the festive season approaching. However, there are some areas of concern, such as the entry-level category in the two-wheeler segment, streamlined loan disbursements for CV buyers, and high inventory levels in the passenger vehicle segment.

Moreover, FADA pointed out that the Indian Meteorological Department’s projection of a below-average rainfall in August could potentially impact purchasing power, particularly in rural regions where agriculture plays a significant role.

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