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Restoration of Lion’s Club Hall in Burlingame


The Lion’s Club Hall in Burlingame recently underwent restoration after a eucalyptus tree fell on its roof, causing significant damage. The incident occurred in January, resulting in damage to the roof, walls, and floors of the foyer.

Impact of the Incident

The fallen tree caused water leakage throughout the building, requiring the setup of large 50-gallon cans to collect the leaking water. Besides the physical damage, the club faced financial repercussions due to the closure of the hall. Unable to rent the space for events, the club experienced a loss of revenue. This revenue is crucial as it is used to contribute to the local community.

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Restoration and Reopening

The hall is now fully restored and operational. To mark this achievement, the Lion’s Club is hosting a lunch and ribbon cutting event on August 26th at 11 a.m. The event will include a brief history of the building and highlight the extensive repair work that was undertaken.

Cost and Repair Process

The restoration process involved significant costs, amounting to approximately $100,000. Structural engineers played a critical role in ensuring the building’s stability and preventing any shifts. Unfortunately, the Lions Club had to remain closed during the repair phase, effectively hibernating for the winter.

Insurance Coverage and Future Rentals

Fortunately, the club’s insurance policy covered both the physical damage and the loss of revenue. Following the restoration, numerous parties expressed interest in renting the hall for events, indicating a positive outlook for future bookings.

Historical Significance of the Building

The Lion’s Club Hall holds a rich history. Constructed in 1907, it initially served as a chapel for the First Congregational Church. Over the years, it changed hands, hosting the Woman’s Club of Burlingame before being acquired by the city and transformed into a library. Eventually, it became the American Legion Post No. 163 headquarters, and finally, the Burlingame Lions Club assumed its lease, renovating it for public use.

Hall Amenities and Purpose

The hall boasts several amenities, including a speaker system, a fully equipped kitchen, and two restrooms. With a capacity for 120 people, it is available for rent at a cost of approximately $1,300, along with a security deposit. The Lion’s Club aims to offer the hall at an affordable price, serving as a community service.

The Lion’s Club and Community Support

The Lion’s Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the community in various ways. The proceeds generated from hall rentals and other activities are reinvested into initiatives that benefit local schools and other community projects. They are constantly seeking new projects to contribute to.

Joining, Donating, and Renting the Hall

The club is actively looking for new members to join their cause. For those interested, they can contact (650) 344-5466 to learn more about membership, donation opportunities, or renting the Lion’s Club Hall. The hall is a valuable asset that not only provides a venue for events but also helps generate funds for community support initiatives. By becoming a member or renting the hall, individuals can actively contribute to the Lion Club’s mission.

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