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## Exploring Tricare Plus Coverage for Parents

Hello everyone, I am currently investigating the possibility of providing Tricare Plus for my parents. I understand that certain criteria need to be met, such as covering most of their expenses, but I am curious about the specific benefits that Tricare Plus offers that Medicare A and B do not cover.

With Tricare Plus, I noticed that prescriptions can be filled at a military base. Does this mean that all prescription costs are covered financially, or is it simply a matter of convenience in using military pharmacies?

## Specialist Care and Coverage Concerns

One major area of confusion for me revolves around specialist care. If my parents were to require surgery or other specialized treatment, does Tricare Plus provide coverage for such services? I was disconcerted to learn that specialist coverage is not guaranteed, but I am seeking clarification on whether any level of specialist care is included in the coverage.

## Understanding Primary Care and Beyond

Lastly, I would like clarification on what falls under the category of primary care within the Tricare Plus program. Does it encompass only routine checkups and annual visits, or does it extend to services such as dental care and optical needs?

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