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Title: Seeking Assistance to Recover Lost Hard Drives: A Teenager’s Dilemma

Introduction (Approx. 60 words):
Being a 17-year-old teenager, I recently encountered a distressing situation where my portable hard drives containing valuable files mysteriously disappeared during a visit to my uncle’s place. Upon returning, my mom claimed that an electrical fire occurred in the vicinity of the hard drives, and the electrician disposed of them due to their connection to the outlet. However, I strongly believe that her explanation is far from the truth. Are there any possible solutions to help me retrieve my lost data?

Elaborating on the Situation (Approx. 180 words):
My primary concern lies in finding a way to recover my missing hard drives. One of these drives contains a crucial folder labeled with my name, which makes its loss even more distressing. In an attempt to gather evidence, I managed to capture a video showcasing my possession of the hard drives and the accompanying enclosure before they went missing. This video highlights the fact that I indeed owned the drives, further solidifying the urgency to retrieve them.

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The software can aid in understanding any relevant laws or regulations pertaining to property rights, parental responsibilities, or even specific provisions regarding electronic devices. By analyzing the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of my hard drives, the AI Legalese Decoder can provide valuable insights and advice on the potential legal recourse available to me.

Furthermore, the software can assist me in drafting a formal letter to directly address my concerns with my mom in a respectful and legally appropriate manner. By precisely articulating my rights and gathering strong evidence, I can effectively communicate the importance of retrieving my hard drives, which were purchased using my own finances.

Conclusion (Approx. 60 words):
In summary, the loss of my portable hard drives holding significant files has undeniably left me in a predicament. However, with the help of AI Legalese Decoder, I can navigate the legal landscape surrounding this matter confidently. By taking advantage of this advanced software, I can access valuable advice and support to proceed with resolving this unfortunate incident while upholding my rights as a responsible, technology-savvy teenager.

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  • pyrosthenes

    Would your mom not contact you if there was a fire in your room? Mine would have screamed so loud it broke the phone.

    Is there any evidence of a fire? You would be able to smell it even if damage was painted over.

    Where would your mom hide your hard drives?

  • bgthigfist

    Sounds like your mom had an issue with something you have done, so she sent you away so she could go through your stuff. You got played.

    At least now you know that she doesn’t respect boundaries.

    Move out when you can and don’t leave anything that you value in that house in the meantime.

  • False_Influence_9090

    What do you suspect actually happened? That your mom stole and pawned them? Does she have trouble keeping up with bills that would make you suspicious?

  • mcds99

    What was on the drives?

    If it was “bad stuff” well..

  • vampyrewolf

    FWIW you just learned that 1 copy is not a backup. 2 copies on 2 locations is the minimum, ideally adding a 3rd copy that goes offsite… even in your backpack if not to a friend’s place.

    If there was actually a fire, there should be heat damage if not smoke damage in the area. Depending on the relationship, she might have sent them off to do data recovery on to try and find something to use against you (see: /r/raisedbynarcissists )

  • FluffyWuffyScruffyB

    Sorry this happened. I doubt if it can be undone. Mom probably disposed of the hard drives. Sounds like she just wanted to get rid of stuff you had against her wishes and this was the only way she knew how.

    It’s remotely possible your mom is just a mean, vindictive, unfair person who maliciously destroyed your property with no reason.. but probably not. If it were the case , she would have stung you and taunted you.

    I hope there was nothing with Personally Identifiable Information..

    If you have/had collected video/image files that she disapproves of.. or she strongly suspected you have/had that would likely prompt this. No accusations here at all, just saying..

    Was all the other hardware missing also? Monitors, peripherals, box, laptop? Was anything else gone?

  • rokar83

    The likelihood of anything criminally or civilly happening is almost nil. The cost of the drives isn’t worth the cop’s time to investigate.

    Use it as a lesson to back your stuff up to the cloud.

  • randomized_smartness

    Nothing??. what are you expecting to hear?..


    Dosnt seem like u can do much bud. Childhood.

  • Onagasaki

    NAL but here’s my two cents.

    Sadly as many have said, being a minor your options are pretty limited depending on your state, but the bigger concern is what you mean by deepfakes, trust me I’m not preaching about the morality of it, but recently it’s become a hot topic legally, so if you try to do something about it you might end up digging yourself a deeper grave. And if she took the hard drives because they contained something potentially illegal then there is absolutely nothing you can do really.

  • GGking41

    My house was hit by lightening and the iPhone I had plugged in shorted out and the charger exploded. Was black all around the plug and pieces of the charger were everywhere
    Not sure how similar this and an electrical fire are but there would be soot I imagine?!?

  • Darth_Sarcasm_6666

    Ok steal some of her shit and hide somewhere not at home. When you get your shit back she can have hers back.

  • robtalee44

    If they were indeed damaged by fire they should be covered by home owners insurance or renter’s insurance if there was any. Of course, there’s a deductible and portable hard drives aren’t exactly a high dollar item. Also, all you could get is the depreciated value of the drive. Nothing more. Any other unilateral legal actions to recover aren’t probably worth the effort — although there is something to be said for a “moral” victory.

  • djluminol

    If you want to secure your digital data in the future most operating systems come with built in drive encryption now. All you need to do is read up on the process of how to use whatever came with your OS. If you want to prevent the data from being lost or stolen the general rule with data backup and security is to have 3 drives. This what I do with my music. I have thousands of dollars in music. I take data backup seriously.

    1 HDD on site as your main drive

    1 or 2 HDD’s on site as a backup drive and for use during data transfer so you always have at least one unused drive with all the data on it on site.

    1 HDD off site as a backup drive in case of fire or theft. You can substitute cloud storage for this now as well.

    As far as getting your money back you’re probably SOL. Your mom is not going to make this right or she never would have done this in the first place. I would suggest you make sure all your digital devices are using a strong and random password, no B-day’s. pet names, favorite bands etc. You want something like 4797^>>wordsarePURPLE.)*@. Encrypt your data and keep a backup key stored in an offsite location. Like a safe deposit box at a bank if you can afford it. If not a trustworthy friend might be an ok compromise given your age and income potential. Or you can burry it in some random spot in nature inside a zip lock, in a tin, in a bag. Depends on your environment as to how realistic this is but it gets you around the need to pay $30-$100 per year for a safe deposit box.

  • Which-Category5523

    What did she think you had on those drives. Seems to me sheÔÇÖs worried about something and possibly sent them to a third party to investigate the drives or disposed of them. Has she ever accused you or suspected you of having CP?

  • Positive-Baby4061

    Get another one password protect it and put a AirTag inside the hard drive casing. People hide things in the same place when you look for the 2nd one with the air tag the first one will probably be there as well

  • Newtonhog

    Does your mom have schizophrenia?

  • visitor987

    You are still a minor until 18 so the drives were probably your mom property even thou you paid for them. The few excepts to this are types of legal trusts which does not apply in this case

    Once you are 18 get a bank account in your name only and a safe deposit box so store the drives when away from home.

  • [deleted]

    What exactly do you think is going to happen? If she threw away the drives, theyÔÇÖre gone. If she sold the drives, theyÔÇÖre gone. If the drives were stolen, theyÔÇÖre gone. If the drives were actually in an electrical fire, theyÔÇÖre gone. What exactly do you hope to accomplish?

  • sevenvt

    Re your edit: Nothing you pay for with “your own money” is actually your own money until you are an adult or emancipated. Until then, you are hers, what is yours is hers and what you make or earn is hers.

    It’s the cost of her being responsible for you in society until you are legally allowed to be responsible for yourself.

  • SrslyPissedOff

    What was on your hard drives? Anything illicit like CP? Or crypto? Why do you think they were disappeared?

  • randomized_smartness

    Fucking MODS for r/legal are unaware of basic law… nahh dude I’m unwilling to participate in the dumbfuckery to start with

  • Hairy-Capital-3374

    Hope you don’t have kids. A$$ hat.

  • Puzzleheaded_Fall494

    Im so confused, whats an actual harddrive worth? What did you lose that you think of such value that you need to take some sort of action? You could ask your mom if she could buy you new ones?

  • NetCollectors

    What do you make deepfakes of?

  • ShowMeTheTrees

    There’s more to this story and my guess is the mom suspected to find bad things on those drives.